Menace Priorities

Background: My Alt has been building Menaces in a Fate-locked area. Current stats: Wounds 29, Scandal 9, Suspicion 8, Nightmares 8. I could probably get them higher, but Time will soon arrive and I’m getting too good at succeeding instead of failing.

The task: Identify the priority given to Menace areas.

The results so far:

  1. A sudden darkness (Death)
  2. Imprisoned! Again! (New Newgate)
  3. A maelstrom of Scandal! (Tomb-Colonies)
  4. (Madness)

I’ll update this as I get out of areas. Although I may be some time on the River…
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edited by dragonridingsorceress on 12/28/2013

:-). Wounds 29? At that stage I think they’re regenerating you from stem cells…

I am more amused by the image of my Zombiefied corpse continuing to win 'Shroom hopping races.

The Tomb-Colonists are over in the corner wincing and looking away when you limp by…

“'Tis but a scratch”

I got bored and bought my way out of Death with Fate. I’m sure this makes me a bad person, but with 29 Wounds it was taking FOREVER.

Apparently you can be mad and scandalous in prison, because that’s where I was packed off to next.

Many thanks to Ewan C for his kind invitation to Dinner at Dante’s Grill. It let me get out of jail sooner than would have been possible otherwise.

Since I’m still Mad and Bad to Know, I’ve been sent to the Tomb Colonies.

haha, wow. I remember my first attempt at the legendary quad fail. It was about a year ago ( CameoAppearance and the Blog of Many Things ). Though my methodology was different from yours, the results were the same. death, prison, exile, then madness. I don’t know what fate area you were in to grind menace, but here is what I liked to do, if I remember correctly:

1. Public lecture in the forgotten quarter while wearing a sober dress to get to suspicion 8 without going to jail.
2. Pet the starveling cat in ones inventory to get wounds and nightmares to 8. At this point, you cant go back into the story menu.
3. Kiss a counterfeit head of john the baptist to get scandal 8.
4. Remove the sober dress and any other menace reducers, then return to the story tab.

I did it about 3 times and always got the same results. It’s nice to know other methods also produce similar results.

We understand why the manager would avoid the slow boat and the river it rides on, but is there any reason he wouldn’t collect you at New Newgate or the Tomb Colonies? He’s capable of finding you on the Winking Isle, after all.
Of course, we might just be looking too far into this.

It’s probably a case of the manager is a private, uh, hobbyist whereas the constables and prison are government backed institutions. I think i makes sense that when there’s a conflict of interests the constables get dibs (also wow that winking island reference).

We’re sorry about that; we were going to ask whether the fact that he was able to snatch one off of the Isle, but not out of NN, might suggest some sort of favour with M. Eaten–but then we realized that the Manager is in the business of collecting the mad, so if M. Eaten was fond of him it would likely already have been mentioned somewhere, and we’d be exposing our ignorance by asking.

We have been assigning to the Manager some supernatural abilities he seems not to possess, but… Well, he does appear in our dreams when our dreams begin to become intolerable, doesn’t he? That suggests power beyond the common man.

As an update: I do not know why, but on leaving the Tomb Colonies, I gained Making Waves 4.

ETA: And then I went to the Mirror Marches. I wasn’t expecting that.
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Leaving the Tomb Colonies has been giving me making waves for at least a few days (what, sometimes my schemes in the Shuttered Palace are a little overly ambitious…) but hadn’t paid much attention to the amount, since I’m not POSI yet and thus can’t use them for any purpose I can tell.

[quote=dragonridingsorceress]As an update: I do not know why, but on leaving the Tomb Colonies, I gained Making Waves 4.

ETA: And then I went to the Mirror Marches. I wasn’t expecting that.
edited by dragonridingsorceress on 12/28/2013[/quote]

It makes sense to me that there’d be Making Waves when such a scandalous person is returning to London! ;-)

Also, I don’t know if this is a record, but I got through all 4 Menace areas in about 3 days (With, I admit, cheating to get off the Slow Boat. But I did go from 29 to 26 Wounds before I gave up and bought Nex.)

We just came back from sailing the Unterzee with both a scandalous reputation and a head full of terrors; the Mirror Marches were prioritized over the Tomb Colonies. We also managed to reach Wounds 8 as a result of our return from the Mirror Marches; we were sent to the Colonies first.

So the areas do not have standard priorities? Interesting.

I now wonder if it is a matter of the order in which level 8 is gained? Or perhaps the If-statements applied at the end of each Menace area are simply ordered differently.