Menace Clothing Sets

Thought I’d put together a listing of my menace sets.

I normally use these to boost up and then drop back down. You travel to the Menace areas more frequently, but stay for less time.

Another trick I’ve found is to go in with zero actions available. This increases your odds for obtaining the better opportunity cards there.

I do try and avoid the Nightmares and Wounds menace areas. The less you can increase the menace via items, the longer it takes to get back.



+4 - Modish Bonnet, Brass Ring, Scarlet Stockings


+3 - Prison Shiv, Ragged Clothing and Prisoner’s Mask

-1 - Workman’s Clothing


+1 - Sporing Bonnet

-2 - Bejeweled Cane, Cheerful Goldfish


-2 - Horsehead Amulet

Anyone with more tips, etc. feel free to post :)

The Brass Ring also increases Suspicion if you don’t like the shiv. The Pirate Hat also increases Suspicion if you don’t like the Prisoner’s Mask.

Frankly, I don’t understand why the Bifurcated Owl doesn’t increase Nightmares (but, verily, it does not).

For Wounds, at least, I take the opposite approach, lowering my Wounds before i visit the shores, then removing my Amulet once I’m there.

But I enjoy chess.

lol that’s an interesting idea, boost the number of change points needed to escape rather than lower them.

yeah… I just went with all the cheap stuff. ;)

did up the change points listings, based on present items.


In 4, Out 0.

10 CP


In 5, Out 1.

14 CP


In 7 Out 2

25 CP


In 8, Out 2

33 CP

I’m really hoping we get more menace increasing gear. That would be outstanding.:)
edited by Endy on 5/23/2012