Memories of a Tale

I recently noticed that I have a bunch of Memories of a Tale that are burning a hole in my pocket. I have purchased a couple of items from Mr. Chimes in the past that had connections to stories I had enjoyed, and now I think I need some help deciding what else to get.

I’m really interested in ones that might unlock options in various activities, the way some of the Whitsun pets and Renown items do, as I don’t need any of them for their stats. I believe the one from the cricket story can become a lab assistant. I’m assuming there are others with such hidden talents. Can anyone enlighten me?


I’d love to see anyone’s thoughts on this as well.

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Of those costing 3 x Memory of a Tale, only these two have any uses:

The Ornamental Storm in a Teacup has a 50/50 luck roll on the zailing card “The Killing Wind”.
The Ostentatious Paisley Suit has two uses, one in the Maze-Garden in Polythreme (on the card HARVEST), and as a means of entering the Clay Tailor’s Club in London.

Of the items/companions costing 7 x Memory of a Tale, Tabitha Murgatroyd stands out: she can be picked as a member for your Moulin Expedition Team!
The Polythremean Captain’s Boots can act as translator when Meeting a Local Steamer in the Sea of Voices.
The Sapphire, Allegedly Imbued with a Minor Curse unlocks a repeatable action in Mr Stones’ shop at the Hurlers station, paying out 1 x Rumour of the Upper River.

Now to those companions costing 12 x Memory of a Tale:
The Eldest Daughter is a lab assistant with a Toxicological Focus.
The Percipient Cricketer is a lab assistant with a Correspondence Focus.
The Reformed Protester is a lab assistant focusing on Weapons projects.
The Stoic Classicist is a lab assistant focusing on History projects.
July can be recruited as a Railway Board Member.
The Ebullient Undertaker unlocks one storylet in Jericho Locks library research.
Johnny Croak can be hired as an assassin when responding to Social Slights.

If you’re an ardent cat-lover, you can also get all the cats and enter the House of Chimes while wearing all of them, thus getting yet another cat. This might be necessary to advance A Cub’s Education as far as possible.

All other items/companions have no use so far.


Thank you for that helpful list!

What about Johnny Croak (12)? He can be sent off to assassinate people.

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You’re right! I don’t have him and the wiki doesn’t make it very obvious. I’ve added him to my post now :slight_smile:

Edit: I also confirmed that the cursed Sapphire storylet at Hurlers is an endlessly repeatable Rumours of the Upper River grind. I just hadn’t noticed it so far!

Thanks, Phryne. That’s just the kind of answer I was hoping for.

Edit: Thanks to KarolineHeidenreich, too. :slight_smile:

This is a quirk of the relevant table looking for a use, and not finding one because the actual action using him (hiring his services) is invisible without a money purchase (i.e., playing 12 paid stories to buy Johnny) so can’t be listed on the wiki.

But, at some point Fallen London added the requirement to the action everyone can see, and no one noticed until today! So that’s been fixed and the table now reflects that Johnny Croak “has a use”. (I was prepared to force that action to “fake” using Johnny Croak to fix the automatic searches, but it’s much better that we don’t have to!)

Here’s a Wiki semantic search with a table that might help to view them all better. I still didn’t figure if it’s possible to add a cost column.

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