Meet the Übershroom

… a &quothoney mushroom&quot is the largest organism on Earth!

It’s 2.4 miles across, 8,650 years old, and it lives in Oregon.

Hail thee, Übershroom!
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“the fungus is estimated to be 2,400 years old but could be as ancient as 8,650 years”

But hey, impressive nonetheless !

That thing is sure pumped up with cosmogone. I mean, what else can make that fungus grow that big and sport that hue?

Mmmm, a 2+ hundred year shroom with butter and onions, mmmmm…

A while ago, someone, probably with a huge computer…

+1× Propagation: Blemmigans Abroad
+1× Propagation: Oregon

i have looked it up and it says that honey mushrooms are rather tasty. I wonder if in the end, with Earth’s overpopulation, we will have to grow enormous crops of mushroom’s networks like these… Greyfields, we’re coming for you! Slow and steady, but coming! Grapes be damned]

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Imagine the Bazaar being plucked out by the mushroom and flung into the Sun. Good ending.

Dear God, it’s a shroom-Council! I wonder if it writes decent poetry.