Measuring Quirk CP

I’ve been experimenting with the Hedonism gain one can net by becoming closest to the Bohemians via the Celestials option and if you can still go past the level 10 cap. Originally I had Hedonist 10 but accidentally lowered it to 9 before I could try it out, so all I could observe from becoming closest to the Bohemians was my Hedonism raising back to its original level of 10. In other words, I am uncertain as to whether or not I’ve made any growth past the cap. Is there any way to measure one’s CP rather than the overall level of the quirk or is my only option to continue grinding Primeval Hints as I continuously dupe and kiss up to my Bohemian contacts when the opportunity arises without knowing if I’m making any progress?
edited by Sir Joseph Marlen on 7/27/2015

There is no way to tell how much CP you have in a quality without taking an action that raises or lowers it, and if it jumps up or down a level you’re probably still in the dark regarding precise values. The only way you’ll be able to tell if aligning with the Bohemians is capped at 10 is to try again. If you drop below Hedonist 10 try using Laudanum to get it back up there.

Alright, thanks!