Maybe... you're not there.

Spoiler alert on Maybe’s Daughter story.

Okay, so I started the Maybe’s Daughter story line.

I found her mother; I didn’t have a tatoo, so she asked me to go to London.

Once in London, she went to the Bazaar with &quota chance not to come back&quot but she did.

Basically it was: you now have 0 of Maybe’s Daughter, you now have 1 of Maybe’s Rival.

But… I don’t have any new officer called Maybe’s Rival, neither do I have any new mission or something.

The value on Maybe’s Daughter story in my journal is 5000.

Does anybody encountered the same issue?

edited by Darkas on 1/9/2015

I’m at the exact same point, actually. I really wanted that other person that you get from Maybe, but…damn. I guess that means she didn’t actually come back? Or she came back changed…and vanished? I dunno D:

This happened to me, too. I’ve submitted a bug report – if this isn’t a bug, it seems like there needs to be something in the narrative explaining where she goes.

ETA: Turns out it is a bug. Hopefully there’ll be a fix soon …
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Not part of the bug, but it turns out you can tell Maybe that Lilac is onboard! Although I haven’t managed to convince her yet; Maybe doesn’t believe me.[li]

Oh, interesting. Is it an option that only appears if you actually do have her onboard? Have you a chance at passing some kind of challenge, or is it just that she flat-out won’t believe you no matter what?

Maybe’s Rival is indeed an officer, she is even available for selection if you choose the Shipmate Legacy option. However, she also did not appear for me when I successfully completed her quest. She had really good stats too, a high Veils and Iron & +350 Engine Power - something my now sluggish Dreadnought could stand to benefit from.

So even though it was a bug, I’ve just lost another officer due to a new storyline. Great…

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When you get lilac and go to speak to her, there’s a challenge depending on your maybe daughter quality. I got the ‘no lilac’ quality by failing that, so that option was no longer available to me.

She’s baaack with the newest stories! Oh Maybe, how I have missed your pretty face!

More than that, how I have missed the extra Engine Power.

Haha, I really liked her story but I still am always going to assign the Tireless Mechanic for the fuel efficiency.

(It’s actually because my captain is totally scared of her, don’t tell anybody else. Okay, they’re pretty scared of the Cannoneer too… but that’s probably why they always assign the Adventuress as Gunnery Officer too, right?)

Given that there’s a pretty clear guess about who Maybe’s mum is and that they don’t like each other I was quite disappointed when I had her mum on board and it didn’t instantly trigger a big family drama.

Well, considering the events that trigger her appearance, anything that definitively confirms that she’s real would ruin the ambiguity.

I just checked the wiki… turns out there is kind of an interaction but Maybe Daughter’s quest has to be activated first for it to be available.