Maximum Autonomy Ship (MAS)-build?


The terror is dangerous only because of the terror gameover effects:
MUTINY! is automatically triggered at zee if you have the following:
Crew ≥ 4Terror ≥ 100
The Drownies’ Welcome is triggered at zee if you have the following:
Terror ≥ 100Crew ≤ 1

So, having crew at 2 or 3 will allow to be &quotinvincible&quot to terror.
Also, having a crew at 1 and hearts at 334 (100% chance of success) allows to swat the terror endgame effect like a fly.


Having 1 crew member allows to run on 1 food-packet for hundreds of fuel-miles(500ms per 1 h. point).
2-3 crew members- almost the same(250ms per 1h. point).


[ul][li] The Tireless Mechanic is a Chief Engineer Officer that can be recruited in London or Frostfound. While employed, he will grant you [color=green]+5%[/color] x Fuel efficiency.[/li][li] Milebreaker is an Aft slot item that can be purchased at Khan’s Shadow from the Traveller’s Friend shop for 2000 Echo. The Milebreaker grants [color=green]+10%[/color] x Fuel efficiency[/li][li] The Serpentine is an engine obtained at the end of the Genial Magician’s story line that grants [color=green]+10%[/color] x Fuel efficiency.[/li][li] The Fulgent Impeller is an engine obtained at the end of the Tireless Mechanic’s story line that grants [color=green]+50%[/color] Fuel efficiency.[/li][/ul]Having all of this stuff allows for 75% fuel efficiency/75% less fuel spending, so, if a mid.corvette uses about 10 fuel from Venderbright to port Carnelian, now it will use 2.5 fuel.
A MAS must use weapons, that do not utilise ammo/torpedoes. Luckily, they are the majority of the weapons in-game.
Using the autonomous build, will allow to run on 10 fuel 1 food, taking only 11 cargo space.

A MAS does not use much fuel/supplies, so, it can run the whole Zee on a 100 echoes(if well-spent).

Also, any info about MAS-builds for zubs would be appreciated. Any stuff that gives the zub a bigger air supply/ less air-consumption.
edited by Autonomous on 4/19/2017

Upd: WE ARE CLAY can be useful for ignoring the -50% speed penalty for crew not full.

To my knowledge, there’s nothing in the game modifying zub air usage.

Umm. All of this cannot be used at once. The Serpentine and The Fulgent Impeller are both engines, and as such obviously cannot both be active. The maximum fuel efficiency would by 65%, with the Milebreaker, Fulgent Impeller, and Tireless Mechanic.

Equipping WE ARE CLAY in the auxiliary slot of a Lampad-class cruiser results in a crew quarters of 2. It’s probably worth keeping two aboard, because some events force the loss of a crew-member. It’d be bloody fast, too; with the Impeller, WE ARE CLAY, and Maybe’s Rival, you’d have 5400 engine power pushing a 300-weight ship. Hold is 30 spaces, and fuel and food shouldn’t take up more than half. You’d want the Momento Mori in the forward slot, or the C&H Majesty if you haven’t got the Mori yet.