Mating Season

Lorn Fluke Mating Season is wonderful. Has anyone else notice this happen occasionally, I nearly died for the first time this game, not cause of the Flukes, but because I got so caught up in farming them that I almost ran out of fuel and supplies haha.
edited by Necraa on 12/2/2014

[li]It’s also rat-barge mating season, apparently. I’m guessing they removed observations from the game to spare wary captains from having to witness the actual… details of how rat-barges reproduce…

It may be winter in most places in the world…but on the Zee, it’s Spring. All day, every day.

I had a Lifeberg mating season a while ago, while hunting them and grinding for the last Viric item I needed for the First Curator quest.

Actually having a non-bug “fluke” (or whatever) mating season would be awesome.

October 30th, 1893

Flukes mating near Lorkin´s Port. A zailor screams:

(You gained 50 fragments. You gained 10 terror.)

…and you thought the noise they made while angry was terrifying…


I had a glorious dreadnaught mating season. Scary as sin, but seeing them fill up the screen like that was strangely beautiful.
My character and his crew probably didn’t think that way though.