Math for upconverting mourning candles

I had been thinking that due to the 10 pence additional value per Patent Scrutinizer and the value of searing enigmas per rare success that upconverting mourning candles was slightly better than Affair of the Box. However, when I made a spreadsheet using success and failure rates of 50% failures 45% successes and 5% rare successes it came out to an EPA of 1.4525 and if rare successes are 10% and 40% regular successes EPA comes out to 1.655. Does anyone else have any math to compare this to? Thanks!

This spreadsheet usually has good numbers for rare success rates. It estimates a 3.5% rare success rate for this case, but there’s not enough recorded attempts to be sure.

In any case, I doubt it matters whether upconverting Mourning Candles is better EPA. Each upconversion requires one Revolutionary Favour, which are incredibly profitable when cashed in via Call in Favours in the Flit.

I turn 50+ cards a day in the flit and get about 1.25 call in favours per day. I end up having about 3-4 extra revolutionary favours a week that I have to burn and I can’t find any other ways other than upconverting and call in favours card to burn those revolutionary favors. Am I missing anything?

The rubbery/revolutionaries conflict card is reasonably profitable if you’re having trouble burning your revolutionaries flavors.

So far I’ve been able to reasonably avoid sitting for extended periods with 7 revolutionaries flavors. Mostly I do it by changing my card playing choices with 3+ favors; the Mayor card instead is used on Society, and the Revolutinaries card and Bringing the Revolution card are held on to. I only use those cards for Revolutionaries flavors when I have less than 3 already.

The only alternative, unfortunately!
If I’m at 7 favours (meh, RNG), I try to keep a card in hand, but I will discard it if I need another free slot. Upconverting isn’t a solution due to bad EPA and Rev faction card isn’t really a free favour.
Plus, I wish to reach max level of Liberation with minimum boosts from other actions.

There is &quotThe people’s art&quot.

The cards that consume Revolutionary favors are always better, but this option is still better than an option with -cringe- an all-or-nothing(-else) RNG roll.

On the same note, you can now spend excess Criminal favours by sending a foolish daredevil for the tigers to play with.
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edited by Rostygold on 12/28/2017