Master Thief?

[li]I’m well on my way to becoming a POSI, however I’m stuck at &quotsufficient importance,&quot wherein the Ambitious Barrister says ‘You have the accoutrements of power,’ she says, ‘but what have you done? Why should they take notice?’
[li]My question is, how do I become a master thief? Is it done through a heist? Robbing the Bazaar? Working for cats or bats?
[li]I have an idea of how to do all of the other things, but I’d like to do this one too. Thank you for any help.

[li]Molly Harper

Master Thief is basically achieved in the same way Fearsome Duelist: you take on the two most difficult targets of the carousel. In this case, robbing the Brass Embassy or the Bazaar.

I chose Brass Embassy because I liked the awards better, and it was easier to grind for. (Obviously, you want to hit 100% success here. Failure is excruciatingly painful) Either way, you get the quality, so pick whichever one you like better.

Thank you! Now I can do that. 8-)

There is a level - after Master Thief? - where only the Bazaar works, fyi.

Embassy goes to 3, bazaar goes to 5; iirc.

Bazaar will take you to 6.