Mask of the Rose: what are we most excited for you to see?

Greetings! The start of June is fast approaching, and the team are all heads-down getting the game over the line. All we’re doing now is fixing bugs and preparing all the launch platforms to get the game in your hands. We’ve stolen just a few minutes of their time to ask: “what are you most looking forward to players experiencing and why?”

Stuart Young, Producer

I can’t wait for players to visit the places we haven’t shown yet. There aren’t a huge number, but they tend to be on the weirder and more esoteric side of what the Fallen London setting has to offer, and the atmosphere of these locations is great. We have a Rubbery character, so it’s only fair to give him somewhere appropriately squelchy and mysterious to live!

Paul Arendt, Art Director

I’m looking forward to players experiencing the big visual setpieces we haven’t revealed yet, in particular the bit where the and with no warning <R.B.O.M.P.D.> to everyone’s great consternation.

Liz Hall, Quality Analysis Intern

I can’t wait for the players to spend more time up close with some Fallen London faves! Getting to know these characters in a far more personal manner (some would argue an insensibly personal manner) is a treat and I can’t wait to hear what people think.

Lesleyann White, Principal QA Tester

Naturally I’m looking forward to people’s reaction to a certain charming and dapper hat, and the storylines surrounding said hat. And I’m not talking about the crow.

(Stuart’s note: To put this in context, the Murder Crow DLC available to many tiers of our Kickstarter backers actually takes the form of an equipable hat, which will chime in with apropos comments on morbid occasions. The Murder Crow isn’t the only anthropomorphic headgear in the game, though!)

Hannah Flynn, Communications Director

I’m mostly looking forward to camping in the Mask of the Rose channels in our Discord to watch the “OMG! WHAT?!” moments happen in real time. This game really takes you places, and I don’t think anyone has predicted anything like the kinds of journeys and outcomes the characters will experience. I also have a few more promotional surprises coming which I hope people will enjoy!

Emily Short, Creative Director

There are quite a few different ways the game can end, and I’m looking forward to seeing which outcomes players prefer – for themselves and for the characters.

What are you most looking forward to seeing?


I just want Mr Eaten romance

Ok but seriously to quote the website you can

“Seek deeper and deeper secrets over multiple playthroughs” and I really really hope that one of those much deeper secrets is something with Mr Eaten


I want to see someone absolutely losing it when a cat starts talking.


What are you most looking forward to seeing?

I know that it would not happen and this is why I likely would not buy this game. I want full voice over.


Probably collecting equipment for the outfit and seeing what it unlocks. I’m a sucker for fashion. Just ask my TF2 account.

Or don’t. I haven’t fed it a hat in a while and I think it might be getting angry.

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So much!

Seeing how the contextual relationship system works…

Digging into new lore…

Working on a mystery board…

Getting bitten into like a ripe plum…

Cats. Has anybody mentioned the presence of cats in the game? I want to see cats. Lots of cats. Okay, I’ll accept a Duchess, as long as she comes with cats.

Yeah, not happening this time. There are so many variants in every conversation that it would just be prohibitively expensive. Maybe a future game though!


I know she’s not a confirmed character (unless a DLC is planned), but I sure would like me some Pirate-Poet romance.


Just in case anyone else is as clueless as I am was, it means Redacted By Order of the Ministry of Public Decency.

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