Mask of the Rose is out now!

Mask of the Rose is out now on Steam, GOG and Nintendo Switch!

We’re so excited for you to get your hands on it. Here’s some advice for your first playthrough:

  • Focus on that which most intrigues you.
  • Don’t be afraid of failure. Delight in your disasters!
  • Every playthrough can be wildly different from the last.
  • The deepest secrets are the most piquant. Keep digging.

We’re celebrating the launch with an AMA in r/games right now, so come by if you’d like to ask us anything about interactive storytelling, making indie games, or of course, Mask of the Rose itself!

What happens next?

We’ll be monitoring your responses, fixing bugs and working on any changes we need to make.

If you find a bug, please use the in-game bug reporter. You can either press F8 or access it from the pause menu. This is ideal, because it automatically collects all of the information we’d ask you for and sends it to us in a lovely little parcel.

If you can’t get into the bug reporter, you can try the troubleshooting guide, and failing that, send us a message to Feedback about the game can go there, too!

Don’t forget you can pick up the game’s soundtrack on Steam or via the composer’s Bandcamp (CDs available!), and there’s even a companion tea that you can pick up for your play sessions.

Thank you all for coming with us into the early days of post-fall London. We hope you find your heart’s desire.

Oh, and PS.


This one is very sus!


On finishing my first playthrough, I had one particularly strong impression that I had to share:

My favourite part of Mask of the Rose was seeing so many wonderful people’s names in the closing credits and thinking how proud they should be.


oh, YOU :blush:

thank you <3

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I don’t think I get this game. I did a playthrough, tried to investigate what happened with the murder, but I never quite felt like I was getting anywhere.

Unimportant aside related to the PS: I hope whoever came up with “serendestiny” is suitably pleased with themselves. (The appropriate level of smugness is all of it; a delightifluous coinage indeed.)

If you do feel like giving it another go, we’ve pushed an update which gives you more time in the game, doesn’t penalise your time when checking the murder solution, and gives a lot more help about how you are supposed to use the Storycrafting mechanic to solve the murder. Full details;


Yeah, I keep meaning to go back to it, just haven’t had the time the last week or so. Maybe next weekend

NEATH! A Fallen London Musical is glorious. Utterly glorious.

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