Mask of the Rose Backer Keys are going out now!

Anyone who’s a backer should find their key in the email inbox of the address associated with their Kickstarter account!

We only ask that you keep your opinions mysterious and spoilered, highly so, until the rest of the community get to join in on Thursday. <3



When I redeemed the game, I noticed the key had an expiration date. Does that mean I have until then to decide who to give my extra copy to, as well?

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Heya! Was it a GOG key? I don’t think the Steam keys have an expiration date, but we didn’t create the GOG keys ourselves (GOG do it) and wouldn’t have given them an expiry if we did. Huh. If it expires before you’ve passed it on, contact us and we’ll do what we can. :)


It was, in fact, a GOG key. Of course, I think the expiration date was sometime in 2033, but I can be exceptionally slow at getting around to things.


Just finished my first playthrough and I’m completely loving it!! I won’t mention specifics, but every element comes together so well, and I’m thoroughly impressed.


Yes, I’m enjoying it immensely. After my first playthrough, I was a little disappointed at how short it was, but playing it again is revealing just how much breadth and variety there is to it.


We’re gathering lots of feedback and the in-game time progression is coming up - we already have ideas about rebalancing that a bit! But so glad you’re enjoying it!