Marrying another player?

A search has not turned up an answer to this: Would anybody happen to know more about if, and when, the opportunity to marry another player will indeed be coming back? I am sitting on almost 50,000 rats by now (not a lot to some people, I know, I know!) which I am itching to cook, fry and sautee for my wedding guests.

“Options to marry or divorce another player will return soon.”
That’s all we know for now.
In the meantime, you may farm for more resources. 10k preparation points take quite some time to gather

Yes, I still have almost 9K to go, so I didn’t really expect those rats to be enough, I was just eager to go on. I am not sure why the content was put on hold in the first place - I was away from Fallen London for a couple of months, and all of a sudden found the &quotOptions to marry … will return soon&quot that you mentioned. I thought maybe I had missed an announcement and some of you knew more.
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Don’t know for sure. But if you want to listen to my theory, I think they’re adding more options for the married couples.
That sort of content was requested often and for long enough

IIRC, this is almost certainly one of the fallouts of the mobile app. Several player interactions have been (temporarily) disabled because of some unforeseen complications.