&quotThe amount of women in [Fallen] London who flirt with their own husbands is perfectly scandalous!&quot*

Or it would be, if there were options for it like when one has the ‘seen with’ quality. Perhaps I am missing something, but all I seem to be able to do is have supper and drink coffee with them. I miss going for evening strolls, or laying in each other’s arms while enjoying the influence of prisoner’s honey. But not just that, I want to build blanket forts, I want to get into mischief, I want to hide from my mother-in-law or other relatives, I want to give up on a burnt dinner and eat out instead.

Must romance in Fallen London follow the all to common real world trait of disappearance after marriage?

*Oscar Wilde - The Importance of Being Earnest

Hey, at least you can talk to your spouse. I paid for the Cultured Attachee and never saw her outside of that single storylet I married her in.

There was a thread about this just last week. :) You’re not alone in regretting the lack of romantic options with your spouse (you are free, however, to be as beastly a dogge or doggette you wish with those not your spouse). It is said that there is an intent to rectify this, but that it is not of highest priority. Perhaps more married couples should complain of it!

– Mal

Hear hear! Right here, right now, I am complaining about the lack of romantic and scandalous activities one may engage in with one’s spouse!

(Sorry to throw this in each time the topic of in-game Marriage comes up, but…)

Or the option to divorce ones spouse, especially if that player has ceased playing the game.

What Kittenpox says. My darling has run off to the Surface and left my nights cold and lonely :-([li]

Probably for want of romantic and scandalous activities.
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Who could be so churlish as to prefer the Surface to you, Lady Sapho?


Hmm, endless evenings of romantic and scandalous activities with a noted beauty weighed against seeing the sun again and a lack of vitality.

No, quite right, the man is a churl.

I would love to see new storylets available to “married” players, as well as the ability to “upgrade” the stats associated with them through completing secondary storylets.

I unwittingly locked myself into a marriage early on before I understood how it worked mechanically.

“Marry in haste, repent at leisure.”
Guess it applies to FL, too.

– Mal

[quote=Robin Mask][quote=malthaussen]&quotMarry in haste, repent at leisure.&quot
Guess it applies to FL, too.

– Mal[/quote]

Ooh, very much so . . .

I would vote that be a warning when choosing to marry in-game.

If I had known NPC would be available to marry, I wouldn’t have done so to a PC . . .

. . . and regretted ever since that I’m unable to leave them.
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You can’t marry a NPC, only &quotspouse&quot them. Which is regretful, because I would have love to go through all the wedding planning and social actions that are only to those who engaged to a PC. My NPC spouse has absolutely no actions what so ever. No wedding planning, no going out to places every week. I’m missing all the fun by having a NPC as a significant other. Marry, children! Marry young and fast before a NPC catch you. Enjoy your life, enjoy your significant other!

Wouldn’t it benefit the Bazaar to “encourage” secret dalliances of wed Londoners? After all, it seems to find love stories of star-crossed lovers <wink> as quite delicious…

Perhaps there should be some romantic options that are specifically available for married PC’s.

(The Importance of Being Earnest is a wonderful play)

I too would like their to be some actions for married players, I’ve put off my own wedding so long for this precise reason

I find it amusing to have simply stashed my Celebrated Artist’s Model away at home, probably in a trophy case somewhere, while I go out and have adventures.

But, seriously, yeah, more content there would be nice, probably for both PC and NPC varieties.

&quot…and whatever you do, don’t fall in love.&quot

What has its got on its mantlepieces, we wonders, yes, we wonders…

– Mal