Marriage is too realistic

I got married to my spouse and now all of my romantic options are locked out. My only options for romance are now from people who are not my wife.

I’ve had a similar effect, as my ‘spouse’ appears to have since quit the game, but hasn’t deactivated. I just pretend they encountered Jack (or whatever) a few times too many and are now away in the Tomb Colonies, never to be heard from again. shrugs :-/

It’s disappointing, but given that there are no romantic options post-marriage and I wouldn’t gain anything by being married to a different player, being unable to divorce is unwelcome annoyance more than anything else - for now at least.

It would be nice for this to be changed in later updates of the game though.
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That’s not exactly true, Robin Mask. You’re free to admit your affection for someone new and then date them just as before. You just can’t become bethrothed to or wed someone new.

FBG actually said that they couldn’t divorce the two of you? What did they say about it?

I hope that romantic options are eventually made available for married characters. :)

They do plan on adding new options for married couples once they have the time. Might be a while, but it’s something they’d like to do.

That’s nice and all… but I’d be real swell if they just removed the cripple from getting married at present.

the… cripple?
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I think Mathenaut means the block on doing romantic actions with a spouse.

Yeah, that’s…not how I would have phrased that. “removed the [inability to play the sweetheart romance options]…” would have been a better way of saying it. Much more clear, too.

It might be that Mathenaut is not a native English speaker, and the &quotcripple&quot was an intended pun that didn’t survive translation…? Just guessing, mind you…
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Yeees, I can already imagine it:

&quotYour darling has invited their mother to spend a week or two at your lodgings&quot
Accept / Decline
&quotAfter listening to all sorts of picky comments on your house, income, appearances, habits, life-preferences and even etiquette, you may now open-heartedly claim to be a practicing stoic philosopher. A well-informed stoic philosopher&quot
You’ve lost 4 x Free Evening (new total 1). You’ve gained 3 x Tale of Terror (new total 969). You’ve gained 5 x Scrap of Incendiary Gossip (new total 487). You’ve gained 1 x Blackmail Material (new total 13). Your nightmares are increasing…
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Since I am not native myself, I’d guess &quotcripple&quot here is referring to the &quotact of crippling&quot instead. It might be less of a pun and more about getting confused with words, since words like incomplete and cripple can be a bit similar in other language. Like Chinese.

I suspect what has happened is that Mathenaut was talking about inactive users. Inactive ~ invalid. And in some languages words that are derived from the root “invalid” are actually used to designate disabled people (in an emotionally and politically neutral sense that just doesn’t come through in English in either “invalid” itself or “cripple”)

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[color=#e53e00]Hey guys - think the intention in the post under scrutiny is pretty clear. We do have quite a lot of posters (and players) where English is not the first language. Please do give the benefit of the doubt, because it’s good to ensure they know they’re welcome. [/color]

[color=#e53e00]If you could avoid a discussion of whether or not the word is inherently problematic [/color][color=rgb(229, 62, 0)]here[/color][color=#e53e00], that would be useful - as it’ll take this off-topic, could be unnecessarily unpleasant for some people, and could risk dying in flames.[/color]
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That post is definitely being read wrong. It is not “please remove crippled people from getting married”, it’s “please remove the handicap associated with getting married”. Because it’s kinda crippling given the range of benefits shared across free evenings vs… +1 to your stats. Seriously.