Market interface

Me-too-ing on the lack of current currency display in the market screen (mentioned under &quotNiggling items&quot) and adding to that the current cargo capacity. Yes, it should be total capacity minus the (admittedly visible) fuel and supplies, but still, it’s a trade-related value, and it’s a market screen. Plus I’m inclined to wonder if in the future there would be something that would occupy cargo space that isn’t fuel, supplies or marketable cargo.

Also would like to be able to sell fuel and supplies if I have too much of either.

Also would like to have purchases and receiving quest rewards not possible if it means exceeding cargo capacity. Currency looks like it’s going to be tight as it is, so I’d rather not have to jettison valuable fuel and/or supplies if I could simply go sell the ones I have first.

[color=#6666ff]Thanks for the feedback Morfos, it’s all been noted.[/color]