Mark of the East interaction Fix?

Since i am still playing on an old savegame (My captain it’s not ready to die yet! Not before killing that damned spider living thing and explored all island [Well… only Visage and part of Nuncio remain…]) i have that nasty bug that traveling between the Chelonate, EMpire of Hand, Fathomking’s Hold and a couple of Zee tileset trigger the event &quotMark of the East&quot also if i am not on the border.

I remember there was a post of one of the dev that could fix that at the cost of a bit map shuffling.

I won’t harass the devs with such a request right now, is there someone that could give me a hint on what to edit in the savegame to fix that?

I’d like to be able to fix it myself.

Okey, i think i found a way, now i am doing some text, i need to explores every inch of six tiles, so it should need some time…

I have a save with this bug too, and found something that… &quotworks&quot

After getting the bugged Mark of the Eazt popup and being teleported to either Irem or Kingeater, manually save the game, exit, start up the game again, and load the manual save. Inexplicably, this would usually load up normally, except I’m in a different port than where i actually saved.

This would usually be the tile i was trying to enter when i got the mark of the east bug - eg if i was trying to zail from Irem’s tile to Frostfound’s, I’d be in Frostfound’s harbor upon reload. I think i got zapped back to London once, too.

I wouldn’t RELY on this - especially where you’ll end up, but it’s &quotworked&quot for me to keep me from getting trapped in the eastmost column in my old save.
edited by Impish Axile on 2/10/2015

I have just reshuffled part of the map manually, editing the savegame. I have moved the Chelonate, Empire of Hands and Eastival to the Eastern tile of the map and swapped two “unfinished tileset” with two generic ones. It was quite of a headache and the result is that in one of the generic tile there are spawners for Rat Barges, so it’s something more Rattsey thant eastish, but at least i could sail free now!