March ES rotation

So this month we have The Sinking Synod, Dernier Cri, and Tauroktonos.

I have only heard of one of those (because of the title unlock on Sinking Synod), does anyone have suggestions for which one I should grab?

If you’re interested in mechanical rewards, the Sinking Synod unlocks a very profitable option on an Upper River card if you achieve a certain ending.


Mechanically, Sinking Synod has lasting benefits. Story-wise I think Tauroktonos is the best of the bunch.

I actually don’t remember a lot about Dernier Cri but I have the impression it was… divisive?


Would you say Tauroktonos is more worthwhile than the mechanical reward? Or is is a quite good mechanical reward?

The relevant option gives a church favour plus 75 proscribed material, whereas the default option on that card merely gives the favour. It’s quite good, making the card one of the best in the Upper River deck. I agree that Tauroktonos is the best story-wise. Remember that owing to the way the ES rotation works, you could potentially play both of them before either of them expires, if you want.



I’ll go with Synod for this month and see if next month has one of the stories actually on my to-play list, haha! If not I’ll do both probably!

Thanks to both of you for advice!

Since it seems your primary motivation for doing so is the mechanical reward I mentioned, just be aware that the ending that unlocks it is missable. If you want to be sure you get it, check out the discussion in the original discussion thread for the Sinking Synod, in particular this post: November Exceptional Story: The Sinking Synod - #18 by cthonius

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Oh!! I hate the church and constable factions, so actually this ending looks IDEAL to me!!