Map Reshuffeling Thoughts

or rather, a surfacing of pre-existing thoughts, as expressed by Master Polarimini in the Salt Lions thread:

I can’t support this enough - at the moment things feel a bit… too random. The Khanate shouldn’t &quotspawn&quot right outside London, and Polytheme shouldn’t be half a Zee away. If not a rigid shuffling structure, than at least some manner of probability adjustment to determine relative distances should be added.

Yup. Way too easy to cycle through maps until you get an easy one where you can just grind until you own the zee.

edited by Flyte on 8/6/2014

It’s good to know that a selecting system of the shuffling is already in place! Perhaps this means you can tweak it a bit! (to avoid, at least for the moment, too many empty spaces close to London, or Polythreme farther than the Khanate, etc.)