"Many locked door"

Is the quality &quotYou’ve revisited the many-locked door in the palace cellars&quot new? (I might be misremembering the wording, I accidentally left the page before finishing this post. It came when I brought a gift of honey on the cellar card.)

It definitely sounds new to me.

When I did the action I just saw the black bottle picture and “You have revisited the many-locked door in the Palace Cellar”, but looking in my Story qualities it looks like it’s just “A Nocturnal Visitor to the Palace Cellars 4- You’ve revisited the many-locked door in the Palace Cellars”. So while I don’t remember seeing it displayed that way before, it might not be a wholly new property. I’ll pay attention next time I draw the card.

Ah, so not a new quality but a change in how it’s displayed. I was wondering if it was simply a new title (I looked at my own quality and saw one that I hadn’t noticed), but looking at the wiki revision history that’s been there for nearly a year.