Manual of Miracles

Hi, so I just finished delivering my last load of sphinxstone to the Grand Geode, and according to the wiki, if you deliver the last load without choosing a past, you get the Manual of Miracles.

However, I have done so and did not get it. Was I supposed to deliver the stone far away instead?

The wiki information is badly phrased. I believe you are supposed to specifically deliver it to the place that the scruffy fellow tells you, since that’s the one that’s background-dependent.

Those who have actually obtained the Manual, any corrections?

Basically right. You have to get to London with the last load. The woman will talk to you, then regardless of whether you say yes or no to her there will be another option to talk to a guy (Penstock). Say yes to him.

He’ll give you a location (for Shadowed Stranger it’ll actually be in London itself). ‘Deliver’ it. Done.

So I checked the wiki, and unless someone has just edited it, it does specify that you have to deliver to London.

That’s correct. Unfortunately that means OP missed their shot at the Manual for that run.

Drat, and here I had specifically marked that run for it…

Oh well, I’ll just retire with moniez and stuff as I continue to explore and try to get som other boon item…

One more question, if I obtain the Scion, can I pick my two pasts afterwards? If that’s teh case I can just quickly grab it again <.<

Also is there a way to keep your boat? Like the nice special boat you get from teh First Curater’s quest? or is that lost upon retirement?

And ifnally, I sacrificed my irrepressable engineer to the lady on Isle of CAts… will he respawn on a new heir?
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Ships are not inheritable. Stories reset with each new captain, to allow you to explore different story choices. What do you mean by your “two pasts”?

oh nevermind I misread the section about the scion >.>

alrighty I see now, thanks!

If you want the manual on your next run, I wouldn’t retire just yet! Work on getting your Veils up to a respectable level before retiring, and getting a Scion. If memory serves there’s a veils check on delivery the stones to London.