Making your name - Watchmaker's Hill

I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or if it is a bug but everytime I start and complete the “Making Your Name: A Contract for a Worryingly Large Rat” quest, it just resets and nothing new appears. I really wanted the Bag a Legend Ambition but can’t start it because it keeps saying “Begin Making Your Name in Watchmaker’s Hill to pursue this Ambition”
Any help on what I might be missing? Or should I just report this as a bug?
Thanks in advance!

Try making sure you’re making the right choices.

If you’ve chosen all of these correctly and are still having problems, definitely report it as a bug!

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@HexBeloved Yup, I did the hunt fully, from the tracking to the actual “kill”. Even did it 2 or 3 times bc I thought maybe I was supposed to use it to raise my skills. I get the rewards but once I go back to the Dept., it’s back there as if I never started ahah

Do you not also have access to the spider hunts? I believe you keep access to both.

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Nope, only rat-related ones, the Chandler and 2 Contracts (one to be unlocked with Faith and one that I need “A name scrawled in Blood” for, which I assume is linked to the Making your name)

I think I accidentally flagged your last post Bluemiryah, sorry.

On topic: The way I understand the wiki you could check your qualities in your character’s tab to see if you have any A Name Scrawled in Blood. If you completely lack the quality after completing the worryingly large rat contract, then the chances are even greater that it’s just a bug they will fix for you with a simple in-game report.


Thanks for the tips, it does seem to be a bug then, I will be emailing support!

They DID also recently rework the Maling Your Name questlines! So it’s possible the wiki is out of date, or you found a new bug no one has reported yet, or both.