Making Your Name to 28

More specifically, completing all of the Making Your Name stories. I just finished up A Name in Seven Secret Alphabets today, by being no longer welcome at the University. Who among us can claim this achievement, of finishing all of these stories? And how does any of this relate to the Bazaar? I have gone many lengths to get here. I have written an opera to shame others, sided with the Shroud, met the Tiger Keeper, and named the Provost as murderer of the Senior Reader.
The bazaar seemingly is connected with all four ventures, but how?

Welp. Time to do Scientific Expeditions to raise Watchful!

Is there something that happens in London that isn’t connected to the Bazaar? (That said, your answer is probably the same reason that Slowcake’s is so carefully attended to up in the spires.)

Also, I think you’ll find that most players who’ve been in the game for more than a year and a half or so have completed all four plot lines. In my case it took about two years, but only because I was held up in certain places of the Dangerous and Shadowy lines for RP reasons. I waited until there was a strong outside influence (Feducci’s candidacy for Dangerous, a private story for Shadowy) to make him do something he normally wouldn’t.

P.S. There is a thread somewhere for people willing to exchange scholarly notes, which you will find useful on your expeditions. It’s been static for a while and I don’t know how many of the names on there are still active in that regard, but I know that Prof. Kan is happy to trade bats.

Alright then. I have not yet begun expeditions, because who does that almost immediately?

The Bazaar favors stories of forbidden romance the most, but likes tales of all kinds and purposely uses people and creates situations in which these stories can flourish (hence the title, city of a thousand stories).

Whether it is based in violence, intrigue, scandal, or notoriety matters not, only that it is passionate and exciting. It makes sense that those who thrive and flourish will become entangled by the Bazaar’s web (what do you think your Notability and Profession are really for?) and it is your choice to either embrace it or break free.

Caroline has completed all four of the plotlines to seven, and is also willing to exchange scholarly notes, as she seeks to expand her mind.

I just finished the final Name storyline up to 7 too (though I have not quite found the Tiger Keeper yet, for whatever they add to my options). Took me about 3.5 months to do I think.


Total yes, I have been playing FL daily, most of the time as an Exceptional Friend.

Ah. Well, congrats on making your name so quickly. It took me four months to finish A Name Signed With a Flourish.

That one was my second last one to finish, I unintentionally handicapped myself a bit on that one because I started doing the requirement for MN 7 before getting up to MN 6, meaning my persuasive was very unreliable and slow to progress during that time! I did ascend to POSI via buying all the clothes though, which once I had done that, had the useful side-effect of a big persuasive boost. Last one I got up to 7 was Dangerous.
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[quote=Sir Wensleydale of Hardwick]
Welp. Time to do Scientific Expeditions to raise Watchful![/quote]
I raise Watchful by grinding in FQ for buy Overgoats.