[color=#ff9900]You stand among the piled records of Concord Square. Files burst with papers. What will you do with the law’s secrets?[/color]

[color=#ff9900]Delicious friends! The fourth and last of our Making your Name updates to early Fallen London content is now live! This content is intended to improve the early Shadowy experience of newcomers to Fallen London, by accelerating advancement and streamlining content. Here’s a blog about our wider changes.[/color]

[color=#ff9900]Explore the shadows of Spite and the heights of the Flit. Own a penny dreadful inspired by your adventures! Decide which of the Neath’s criminal luminaries you make your toasts to. Perhaps you admire the ruthlessness of the Cheery Man or the subtlety of the Gracious Widow. Perhaps you have a soft spot for the Topsy King. Or perhaps you admit no examples, and prefer to toast yourself![/color]

[color=#ff9900]Established players will be given the chance to revisit the heady days of their youth. Whether you choose to reset your progress or not, you will also receive the new qualities (including the penny dreadful) that you would have gained if you were starting fresh.[/color]

[color=#ff9900]This is the final update updating the early levels of Persuasive, Dangerous, Watchful and Shadowy, in advance of the launch of Fallen London on iOS.[/color]
[color=#ff9900]There are a few more bits of tidying up we’d like to do to this content over the next couple days - you may see a few more bits move around or be localised onto master cards.[/color]

I will note the Crimson Shadows item is currently a curiosity as opposed to a weapon, don’t know about the other three penny dreadfuls.

Excellent! Does this mean that the iOS app is imminent? We’re running out of months of the year after all.

[color=#ff9900]The penny dreadfuls are now correctly classed as weapons - hitting F5 should recategorise them.[/color]
[color=#ff9900]A reminder to submit bugs as reports rather than in the thread - it’s much easier for us to see and track them when submitted through our feedback system. Thanks![/color]

Now that the last tracker has been released and it has been confirmed to, indeed, be the last, can we have some confirmation or denial on whether all attribute unlocks should eventually go? Most early-game opportunity cards are still unlocked by attributes and it’s not clear to me whether this is intended or whether it’s something we should be raising tickets about.

I remember reading somewhere that if you are not in the fifth city at the time of the change that you won’t get it, was that simply not true or was it changed? im pretty scared about my character out in the zee right now.

Okay, now THAT hurt.

I carefully maxed out master thief by doing bazaar raids over and over again, and to find it casually changed into a tracking quality…

Just painful.

I wish these changes would not interrupt storylets I’m already in. I was in the middle of going through one I’m already familiar with, so when it popped up something new, I hit the first option before I was able to tell it wasn’t what I was expecting. So now I’m locked into that without even knowing what the options were. Pretty frustrating.

Ack. I misinterpreted the card and set my status too far ahead of where I had been – I hadn’t actually made the penny dreadful yet, and selected as if I had. Is there a way to reverse that selection, or go back and reselect my proper level of progression through the Flit?

In previous instances where they implemented trackers and people misclicked when taken unawares, I believe Failbetter provided some reprieve. Try emailing for assistance.

Thanks for the suggestion.

[quote=Ben ]Okay, now THAT hurt.

I carefully maxed out master thief by doing bazaar raids over and over again, and to find it casually changed into a tracking quality…

Just painful.[/quote]
Don’t worry, that’s nothing a little grinding can’t fix. It was the same for me with A Fearsome Duelist.

For previous ones there was a reset option for the first couple days after implementation. Is it possible to have one for this? I may have made a mistake. Maybe…

Are you capable of changing your allegiances later on, like with schools of poetry and methods of deduction? Or no?

Yep, you get it when you go back to the fifth city.

It would be nice if toasting the Cheery Man could let those of us who MAY have sided with his relative become Closest To criminals.

(Cheery Man, it wasn’t personal, really. She’s out of your hair now, isn’t she?)

I decided to start over. I really don’t care to grind through the cycles needed, but I want to actually journal the story this time around.

I’m excited to try it. Go figure I’m out at zee when it finally drops.

Thanks for this update! I’ve always wanted to change sides in the war between the Glass and the Shroud.

Me too! But I’m stuck trying to figure out what to do with my ill-gotten gains from Concord Square. Any insights on the results? Namely quirk-wise.

I’m trying really hard to get my Steadfast up and keep some other quirks pretty even.