Making Your Name: Aromantic Options

[color=#0066ff]Making Your Name: Aromantic Options[/color]
[color=#0066ff]Today we’re introducing two new options to the Making Your Name Persuasive Chain, allowing you to befriend new characters in Veilgarden and at the Empress’ Court.[/color]
[color=#0066ff]These new characters will allow you to progress through these early tiers of Fallen London content without requiring engaging in a romantic affair. We wanted to enable alternate means of progression, particularly for players who wished to play asexual or aromantic characters, as well as those uninterested in the particular romantic options available.[/color]
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edited by babelfishwars on 7/12/2021

Darn. I thought for a moment that this meant I could advance by smelling strongly.

Oh my gosh, thanks. This is much appreciated!

Fantastic. This means I could seriously start RPing - with my next character.

While that is the opposite of what I am looking for in the game, I absolutely applaud the option being given for people who are not comfortable with or have no desire to participate in romantic storylines. Everyone can win here. Thank you Failbetter.

I am very (and I do mean very) pleased about the microalgae!

The characters or the players? :D

The characters or the players? :D[/quote]


So, unfortunately my newest character only just started the Barbed Wit storyline a few days before this unforeseen change was implemented.

Is there any way to get rid of the &quotSeen with a Barbed Wit&quot quality once you have it (except playing through the whole affair)?

Fantastic timing, just as I finished my little adventure with the Barbed Wit.

Edit: Might want to remove the ‘</span>’ tag at the end of the link.

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The only thing I regret here is that neither of my characters have any way to make friends with the Diatomist.

Particularly my academia-obsessed main could hardly wish for a more fitting friend than a similarly obsessive fellow pursuivant of the endless beauty found in the complex symmetries and patterns of the obscure, the occult and the cryptic.