Making Waves worries while out zailing

How precise is the drop for Making Waves when Time The Healer arrives? Is it a set amount of CP, halved from the full number, or a mix of both? My Notability is at 3, while MW is at 6. Just worrying whether I need to return to London before the weekend to raise MW, or if I can stay at zee a while longer.

Also a slightly related question: the storylets at the isles don’t restart when you leave, right? I’m currently in Polythreme working on the Unfinished Story, but not sure if I’m going to finish it right away.

Making Waves is set by level, so in your case it will drop to 3 (and zero CP).

Note that you only need to have as much MW as Notability before the check, so you are safe for another full week before your Notability will be in jeopardy.

Thanks! Good to know I’m in no hurry to get off Polythreme, then. :D

The progress qualities in places like Polythreme is reset upon leaving, but longer-term stories are not. You can leave whenever necessary and start from where you left off.