Making Waves on the Left?

I thought about sending this as review/request to Failbetter. Figured it might be better to get community discussion on the matter. I find myself wanting to check my current Making Waves quality regularly, but have to dig into the Myself tab to get it. Once there, I can’t see my current CP towards the next level. If it were on the left side with other major qualities, it would be easily accessible, easy to track, and might help save people from losing Notability by accident.

Pre-POSI players wouldn’t need it, but they also don’t need BDR which show up with the connected pets and occasional other goodies that can be obtained before advancing. Having it there would also help show them that it will be important in the future.

Any other opinions on this? Has it been discussed in the past?

I think this is a great idea, and I’d find it very helpful myself.

Great idea! I’m currently grinding Notability, and this would be exceptionally helpful.

I’d find it more useful there than a lot of the current stuff. It would be lovely if we could select what was displayed. I find menaces pretty easy to manage, and don’t check them - but would check making waves. I don’t really need irrigo, either - as I head straight there with time the healer. I didn’t even know my influence was on there, showing how useful that is …

(But obviously others would be startled at the suggestion of no menaces displayed, as that’s probably of primary importance to many.)
edited by babelfishwars on 10/23/2014

If I’m going to dream, I’d like to be able to set it so that meanaces only showed up when they went over 5, irrigo only when in the nadir, and the rest able to be toggled in or out.

Kingdom of loathing has a number of interface setups that can be picked from, including a rather atractive slim profile that would go quite well if emulated here, but in a darker, more sophisticated style.

On the other hand, if those who could do the interface work, are also those who write the story and content… let them write the content, my many tentacled and hairy gods, let them write the content PLEASE.