Making waves for those exiled from the court?

Hello, my name is Koenig and I am looking to raise my status in Slowcake’s Exceptionals, however I foolishly got myself exiled from the empress’s court meaning that I no longer have access to the ideal method of making waves. Subsequently I am searching for other reliable methods for making waves that I can grind for a moderate sum of echos.

We already have a thread up for this right below this one, but the short answer is to max BDR, accept a polite invitation, and side-convert items or switch schools in the singing mandrake.

What The Machinist said, but also make the most of your five free evenings a week and invite friends over (or go visit friends).

When it comes to making waves sprints to raise notability you can’t beat Tales of Terror. They aren’t helpful for general notability maintenance but if your willing to spend a couple weeks building up a collection, shoring up university connections, and lowering your nightmares you can use the conversion to Extraordinary Implications and then Uncanny Incunabulum to generate an enormous amount of making waves very quickly. I’m notability 11 and that’s the technique I used and I made the jump from 6 to 9 and from 9 to 11 in single weeks where I was doing a large number of these conversions.

It’s worth noting though that getting your BDR as high as possible will help you far more than any individual technique. You really need a high BDR or the upper bounds of notability become almost unattainably difficult.

I think you can definitely beat Tales of Terror, especially if you’re willing to invest a lot of build-up time. Salons can give hundreds of CP per action.

True, but they require you to draw the card to charge them up and draw them again to use them. Tales of Terror are nice because you can get them reliably in bulk from thefts of a particular character and you can use them whenever you’re ready. You also get to build up valuable reasources while you do it while Salons cost you.

I suppose it should be noted that I have 18 BDR and access to an orphanage. My end goal is to get approximately 9 notability.

Out of curiosity, just how many tales of terror do you think I will need to go from 6 to 9 notability?

Very, very, dependant on your BDR. Each stack of 50 either converts upwards for I’d guess about 7 CPs of MW, or converts sideways for about 4.5 CPs.

Of course sideways conversion is a carousel, so you can keep getting more MWs from the same stack, which makes the answer to your question, ‘50’.

Oh, your BDR is 18. In which case you need about, on average, 1000 tales of terror for one round of sideways conversion, or about 650 for upward conversion. I’m ignoring the option of converting the extraordinary implications, because I can’t be bothered to work out the numbers.

Or, as you’ve noted in your previous message, have just 50 Tales of Terror and side-convert them through the entire carousel 5 times.

(the full side-conversion carousel has 4 steps out of 13 which give MW, so going full circle gives the same amount of MW as side-converting 4x50=200 Tales of Terror).

What exactly do you mean by sidewase and upward conversions?
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I just want to put out there that The Tower of Eyes is a Frequent card, you can go from 0 to 17 MW in a single graduation, and you don’t have to case-up and execute 200 thefts or spend vast amount of actions grinding out tiny MW boosts with substandard profits. Side-converting gives you, what, 20 MW for 13 A at 1.5 MW/A? An orphanage only needs around 1.1 epa efficiency to beat that, and you can get those echos grinding anywhere you want and raising your stats while you do it. Instead of taking yourself out of the game for a week to funnel items around for the notability you want, you can continue to explore it at your own pace and just feed the card when it pops up.

[quote=Koenig]What exactly do you mean by sidewase and upward conversions?
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Upwards conversions turn a stack of items into a smaller stack of items one tier up in their category. Sideways conversions turn those items into a basically equivalent stack of items of the same tier in a different category. If you side-convert enough you’ll wind back where you started.
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Go into your inventory and right click on any 50p item. If you have at least 50 of them you will get a choice - to up convert to the next tier or to side convert to another 50p item. Four of the 50p items give MW when you side convert them - Tales of Terror; Zee Stories; Visions of the Surface and Incendiary Gossip.

Not saying that the Salon isn’t a good MW investment, but it delivers its MWs in large chunks. It’s very easy to over-shoot MWs like that, and then you have a pile of wasted MWs. Yes, you can store some of them, but then you’re grinding the Night on the Town materials at a lousy exchange rate in order to save as many MWs as you can before the healer takes half of them. The side conversion carousel doesn’t overshoot.

I see. At current I am just looking for a reliable way to raise my making waves quality without spending too much money. I do frequently draw the card for the orphanage however I am saving the graduations for the later levels of notability. Thanks again for the help.

Side conversions don’t cost anything once you have 50 of any third tier item and you actually make a 50p profit on each action as you get 51 of the next item in the loop.

Duly noted. I suppose Ill just build up a surplus in the mean time so that once I start again I can run a few upwards conversions in addition to a perpetual sideways loop.
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This table might help you.

In your opinion(s), what would be the easiest item to grind for and convert to tier 3 for a chain of actions (Assuming I wanted to stop chaining at some point and keep the item)