Making waves and Notability.

So I’m trying to climb the rungs of notoriety. I was wondering whats the best way to go about this? Like is there a none card, none player to player way of raising notoriety?[li]

There’s just song writing in the Singing Mandrake, certain item conversions (I think Mysteries is a good one for that?), and the Life of the Mind in the Empress’ Court. These are pretty decent ways to increase Making Waves while waiting for good cards to turn up.
edited by Sara Hysaro on 3/4/2014

Life of the Mind?[li]

It’s a storylet in the Empress’ Court.

Try doing the horizontal item conversions! The 50p items turn into 50p items of a different category at a 50:51 ratio, and a handful of them give MW. It’s technically a grindable loop.

If you happen to need honey later and you have/can get a wealth of wine, you can convert it in veilgardens and get 1 cp MW per action. I like it since honey isn’t easy to grind elsewhere.

This guide should help.

Um the link seems a little eaten. >_>