making the acquaintance of the Sardonic Singer

I seem to have failed to make the acquaintance of the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer during the Absconding Devil storyline (an option I had thought I’d taken but apparently not). I have also not come across her during my ambition (watchful rather than persuasive). I have delved into the various rumor-mills (wikis) but have not come across anything to assist me.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

A Lady seeking that last close friend

if your persuasive is high enough (105 according to the wiki I’m looking at), an opportunity card will appear allowing you to gain that crucial first point of her acquaintance quality. As for your recollection, some of the options with her and the other palette-swapped characters like her have the potential to end your relationship with them and force you to find a way to get it back. Not that I or anyone else is suggesting that the two of you have done anything inappropriate on page 1, and continued on page 14…

It is my belief that once you outgrow the Absconding Devil storyline, she is gone for good (unless you happen to be hunting the Vake as a part of your Ambition). I missed the Wry Functionary this way, and it’s a great shame.

Then again, she does appear on some higher tier opportunity cards, so maybe one of them will work for you?
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chuckle Nothing to see here!

Thank you all! That, I shall keep my eyes open. Our book club table is just missing her particular flair!

A Lady pursuing friends

Does she appear in a particular location? Or will you run into just about anywhere in town?

Personally I run into it way too often, anywhere (okay, not in death and such, but you get my point (actually, how cool would it be if she found you in the Tomb-colonies?))