Making Alts

Hello, I am wondering is it possible and allowed to make multiple characters under one same email? Seeing that many long time players have links to several characters, FBG is not adverse to people having and operating multiple separate characters. I will not cheat, it is so that I can experience the other options, to see what I have missed. But I rather not register totally new accounts to do so.

As far as I know it is one account per email.

Your email acts as your login, and, as it would be impossible to have two characters with the same login, you can’t use the same mail twice. It’s not that Failbetter is against it, the system is just built this way.

But e-mail is only one way to login.

My original character uses my Twitter account for id/login since that was the only way available to get a FL account originally. My alt uses my e-mail address.