Mail Issue (Help!)

I saw a few people here writing on &quotThe Bazaar&quot to get help… I got an issue with the mail being not recognized when I created an account for Fallen London.

Then when I tried to link it to my Sunless Sea game it showed me (then I realized it) that my user and mail was not recognized even when I got the mail to confirm the account.
Now I cannot create another, because the mail is taken… I’ve send a mail to Failbetter Games, but people… Help me, please. I want to get my account confirmed so I can use for both Fallen London and Sunless Sea, and link them.

Most appreciated for any kind of help.

Don’t worry! It has been corrected! ( the confirmation) But still I got the issue that I put a female on the account and not male… :’(

Support can help you with that too, if you like

Being a woman for a day or two won’t be so bad! :D

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Quite something for a change, right? But yes, the people at Failbetter Games already helped me on the issue!

Most appreciated and keep making this game even more awesome!