Magician Question

First of all, Hi! I’m new to the forum. But I’ve been playing a ton of sunless sea the past few days cause I played Fallen London for a while and decided to try it out. Excellent choice! This game is going to be so great. It is now, but the first while is kindof a pain to get started.

So on to my question: where do I find the snake thing I need to advance the magician’s quest? I’ve been sailing around with him for a while and nothing has happened. Does he need to be equipped?

It’s from a random event that can happen in Venderbight.

What I’d like to know is if you can get the snake more than once. Cuz I got the thing before I knew about the magician, and kind of…sold it to the University.

Yes you can get it more than once.

You get a really interesting event once you’ve picked it up for the second time and have a high enough Pages stat.

Speaking of which, does the item you get actually do it? You can’t sell it…

What do you mean? If you mean the item you give it to the antiquenerian(sp?) for echoes.

Speaking of artifacts, further down the storyline you get the option to purchase an eyeless skull but I already have one since I pried it out of the remains of a Lifeberg.

Anyone know what to do with it, can I use it in the story or sell it somewhere? The Nadir taught me that these things are quite nasty and should be deposed of as quickly as possible unless you like Alzheimers.

Unfortunately no, you can’t do anything with it yet. But it doesn’t hurt you by being in your possession so that is a plus.

As far as I can tell it does hurt you as it takes 10 points from each stat just by being in your possession. It just doesn’t say so.

The one you purchase in the Forgotten Quarter does, the Antiquarian even warns you to only buy it if you really need it. But the looted one doesn’t do anything, it just sits there creepily in my hold…

I didn’t buy it - it was loot and my stats have definitely dropped.

Wow, that’s outright nasty I must have either been very lucky or completely missed the drop.

So is there anything else to do than prey to the nameless gods for the next patch to get rid of it?

I’m sure that eventually there will be a use for it or a way to get rid of it. I hope it comes soon.

Just double checked, in case I was wrong, and my stats have definitely dropped. I unequipped all the stuff from my hold, unassigned all my crew and my Veils said it was 100 - spent a secret talking to the tireless engineer and it said Veils cannot increase as it is 110 (actually there is a bug/typo there as it says that it will increase to 150 by speaking to him)
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Huh. I didn’t notice that. I have one in my hold from somewhere else (I didn’t purchase it, specifically because of the warning, despite being a pack rat :p) and I hadn’t noticed a drop, but maybe I haven’t been paying attention. Drat. Now I’m unsure.

My stats weren’t fantastic to start with though, so I would have thought I’d notice a full 10 point drop.

prods skull hrmmm. Tricksy. I’ll definitely be dropping it overboard with the appropriate mutterings and prayers to the various gods as soon as I’m able.

So by going to the Forgotten Quarter and basically helping the Magician get to Parabola (fact check?), that is the correct way to continue down the storyline? Like, to get the upgraded engine? I don’t want to lose my magician without any benefits, haha.

Eh, really? I haven’t noticed any drop in my stats but now you have me wanting to check as well. One would think a 10 point drop was fairly noticeable but maybe not.