Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know

Is there a way to get back into court after being banished yet? It would be great to actually be able to write things again. Especially since I need a lot of candles.

Don’t believe so, but I think it was said in the recent announcement about new content that it was on the cards relatively soon.

Unless I dreamt it.

Edit: Yes, found it in the email they sent me…

&quotThe team’s priorities include continuations of some of Fallen London’s most long-awaited stories: [ul][li]The Cheery Man and the Last Constable [/li][li]The Dilmun Club[/li][li]A Return to the Empress’ Court[/li][li]And - dare we say it? - the next chapter in the Light Fingers ambition!&quot[/li][/ul]These things are what they said they will be spending &quotthe rest of the year working on,&quot so I guess that’s the time-frame, give or take.
edited by Plynkes on 6/15/2017

Mind you, getting back into Court doesn’t necessarily mean being able to write epics again, but some of the old storylets may still be around.