Machintosh and officiers.

Hallo, dear Navigators![li]

Today i downloades Sunless sea, and it’s awesome.

UNfortunately… it seems like i have some difficulties in speaking with my officiers.

i have a mac, with no mouse attached. So, there is no &quotright click&quot for me.

The ctrl + click does not work, neither apple + ctrl. Any one has the same problem, or a solution?

Trackpad right-click still works. Depending on what you assigned it, it might be:

  1. click on the right bottom corner of the trackpad
  2. click on the left bottom corner of the trackpad
  3. tap with 2 fingers

You can also check which gesture it is under System Preferences > Trackpad
edited by mania on 7/2/2014
edited by mania on 7/2/2014

Seconded. Mapping the trackpad right-side to be right-click is the only way I’ve found to play on my Mac; but with this, no problem.

Indeed, with all the other ways, it works.