M_____'s B___d

To Whom It May Concern,

Collected notes on the Portly Sommelier:
One (1) Master’s Blood is
Five (5) Tears of the Bazaar is
Thirty-five (35) Fourth City Airag: Year of the Tortoise is
175 Cellars of Wine is
875 Broken Giant 1844 is
185000 (approx) Greyfields 1879

Additionally, the 875 Broken Giant may be gotten from
4400 (approx) Strangling Willow Absinthe from
21000 (approx) Morelways 1872 from
88000 (approx) Greyfields 1882

1760 actions to grind Greyfields 1882 in Ladybones Road
200 actions to convert Greyfields 1882 to Morelways 1872
42 actions to convert Morelways 1872 to Strangling Willow Absinthe

1258 actions to grind turning in Boxen Affairs + 15096 actions to get through the Box Affair cycle.

2002 actions total by way of Ladybones Road for 44k Strangling Willow Absinthe.
16354 actions total by way of the box affair for 44k Strangling Willow Absinthe.

edited by Neogeo on 3/6/2015

The way I’ve been grinding wine is to just do Lyme’s Pygmalion storylet over and over and mass-converting Glim->Map Scrap->Zee-Stories into Absinthe. It also grants Making Waves that way.

I thiiiink you might be better off with stealing Tales of Terror and converting them to Absinthe

Is that faster than Velocipede Squad for Broken Giant?

When I asked awhile ago, people recommended doing the Affair of the Box for whatever wines reward it was.

Note: You lose 197.4 Echoes from converting the Greyfields 1882, and 287.4 Echoes from converting the Greyfields 1879 from the bottom to the top.

I just did the math comparing Affair of the Box to Riding the Savage Cobbles. They are almost the same:
RtSC: 15 actions for 7 Broken Giant 1844
AotB: 15 actions for 7 Broken Giant 1844 plus 5 Intriguing Gossip or, on a rare success, 2 Uncanny Incunabulum. (And -5 CP Church.)
So yeah, as others already had shown but I decided doing it out was lazier than trying to find the proofs, the Box is the way to go. :)