Lucrative ways to gain suspicion at high levels?

Having played a certain fate-locked story in the past and now possessing a sizable chunk of fate, I want to go back to prison and become reacquainted with an old friend. However, at my high Shadowy of 167 I’m having trouble doing that! Various other storylets and cards that are especially rewarding or key to stories keep lowering my suspicion. Even with no shadowy-boosting gear and a Talkative Rattus Faber and other such items equipped, the resulting 140 shadowy is proving too stealthy. Even the Affair of the Box carousel, with the hardest shadowy challenges I’ve seen recently, won’t drop below 65% success rate and it’s simply taking too long to fail enough. What actions would you guys suggest for a player of my level that are both profitable and suspicious?

If you’re not attached to your Connected: Hell quality, you can rob the Brass Embassy at 13 casing for a 50/50 shot at either ~30 echoes or an instant trip to New Newgate.

Public lectures in the Forgotten Quarter are a reliable way to raise suspicion, but only pay out in connections.

If you opt for the more traditional approach, don’t forget to grab a pirate hat to speed things up.

And speaking of pirates, you could engage in some high zees piratery. The “engines don’t sound healthy” card gives you a guaranteed 1.5 suspicion cp along with a bundle of oddities. If you’re suspicion is 5 or higher, the navy card will also increase suspicion by 1.5 cp average.

Rob the Brass Embassy will help you avoid a Criminal Record (or furthering your existing one), which is my recommended option.

Note that this will make you lose ALL of your Connected:Hell. Seriously consider burning off your Connected:Hell via Call in favours in the Forgotten Quarter -> A soothing sight if yours is at least 15.

Alternately, if that’s not available to you (for whatever reason), you can always ask people to send the appropriate Menace-reducing Social actions your way.
Edit: Turns out I had suggested the wrong social actions.

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Society and scandal lowers scandal not suspicion. For the suspicion lowering social action you need to have your suspicion at 4 and then use “Find a way to throw the Constables off the scent”.

But if you need to go to jail and don’t mind about your Hell connections I would go the Robbing the Brass Embassy Route and definitely have a Pirate hat on while you are there … at least until the card you want turns up. You don’t want to waste the visit :)

Easy way to reach Suspicion 8 from 0:

Equip a Pirate Hat, then unequip it, you now have Suspicion 1.

In Mahogany Hall, failing the last step of teaching Lyme via Pygmalion gifts 2? cp of suspicion on a failure. If you’re alright with it taking a while, this is an /excellent/ means of gaining suspicion because the glim you garner can be put into expeditions at 1.5~ epa.

Then when you hit Suspicion 4, equip your pirate hat again and draw cards. The non-discardable suspicion/constables card has an option to “confront the implacable detective” which nets you their card and more suspicion. This is a great way of getting suspicion as well because it’s the only repeatable way to get their card (I’m fairly sure about this, I could be wrong).

Then, upon reaching Suspicion 7, don the hat for a final time. And like magic! You’ve reached Suspicion 8 and the magister’s(?) court.

Ah, of course. Sorry! Disregard at least half of what I had written previously. ^_^

If you can get up to 10 dreaded and have a four or five card lodging heists are quite profitable and each one generates a few cp of suspicion. You have to babysit your opportunity deck a little bit though.

Alternatively, the Gang of Hoodlums and Criminals cards both offer favours in exchange for a few cp of suspicion. It’s definitely not the fastest way to get it, but it’s almost certainly a more lucrative alternative than failing to rob the Embassy.

Sadly I’ve spent a very long time getting my Connected: Hell up to 65, so I don’t want to go the Brass Embassy route. I completely forgot about the Pirate Hat and the suspicion card though! Thanks for the suggestions guys :)

Oh, and Cecil, another repeatable way to get the Impacable Detective’s card is to attend a class she teaches from the Constables card. No clue if there are other ways besides those.

There are:

  • looping between getting a Maverick Bloodhound and getting rid of him - nets you a Card and a Compromising Document each time.[/li][li]the Cheery Man’s card (one of the &quotHe’s not alone&quot options)[/li][li]Selling the right-hand side of the Screaming Map to certain parties

I usually get my Connected: Revolutionaries up to 15 using Reaping the academic benefits / A public lecture, which gives more connections and +1 CP of suspicion. Ok for me since I go for Favours in the Flit. It’s slow for the suspicion but you get something (little unless you have special interests).
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