Luck Quality

Hi everyone

I understand the concept of luck loading on the various challenges, but I don’t understand my own personal Luck Quality. What is this quality, how is it determined, and how can I improve it?

If you mean challenges that have “A matter of luck,” then they’re exactly what they say. Their chances are the same for everyone. For example, a 50% chance challenge will always be 50% for everyone, no matter who they are or how far they are in the game. There is no quality associated with it because it’s the same for everyone.

When for instance I get the Merry Gentleman card, it says “Your luck quality gives you a 40% chance of success”

It’s also 40% for everyone else, no way to change that. It just says “Your Luck quality” because that’s how challenges are formatted in this game.

Ok thank you

Technically, it says &quotYour Luck quality&quot because Fallen London’s code doesn’t include luck-based challenges as their own thing. Instead, randomness is programmed as a Narrow challenge (the kind that goes up in 10% increments) that uses the hidden Luck quality. Players never have positive Luck, so each challenge is programmed to have the correct difficulty for characters at Luck 0.
edited by Optimatum on 1/15/2019