Loving the new build!

Started a new captain in legacy mode and I’ve had loads of fun so far. It’s really starting to feel like a game you can play and enjoy.

The new docking system is great. Feels much smoother than bumping and sliding around the port and you get a real sense of actually being in the port rather than somewhere in the vicinity. I have had a couple of occurrences where the docking system didn’t seem to activate. Not sure why yet tho I have two theories : in one place I hadn’t ‘discovered’ the main port area yet and my other theory is maybe I was still pressing ‘W’ which cancelled the docking.

The new terror indicators work well for me and I loved the new spooky music as my terror reached over 90.

Random really great moment : I purchased some wood at the normal price for the clock tower quest then found some stained glass in a wreck on my way back to New Winchester. With sovereigns being so tight at the start of the game this unexpected windfall felt great!

Had some epic combat situations too with 2 or 3 opposing ships versus my starting ship. Actually had to choose to cut and run a couple of times rather than risk my captain and ship.

Really looking forward to the locomotive handling update now! I’m hoping that engine speed becomes an upgrade-able option too… this will probably be the most enjoyable sense of progression for players so I am really hoping it becomes a possibility.

Great work so far Failbetter. The atmosphere of the game, the writing, the graphics and the sound are all top notch. It’s really starting to come together!

Terror seems much more of a thing that I have to keep an eye on now. I felt like I could almost completely ignore it previously as I always seemed to have enough time to get all my pending business done and get back to New Winchester before it got anywhere near going up a level. Seems to be rising much more quickly than it did before.

I too have have had quite a few instances where the new docking system forgot to kick in and the game behaved the way it did before the update.

Old Tom’s Well was spectacularly terrifying. I flew all around it but is name didn’t appear and XP gain didn’t happen. I wonder if you have to fly right into the middle for that? I was too scared to, in case it ate my ship or my sanity. :)

Forked out some money for the deluxe mining equipment, but haven’t found anything to mine yet. Grrr… (Oh well, the meat-machine is in the vault, I can always put that back on the ship)

I’m really loving it so far. It is far less bleak and gloomy than Sunless Sea. I did like the oppressive atmosphere of dread and desperation in that game, but this is a nice change from that. I hope you don’t go too far in making the the game horrific and nightmarish, because I quite like it as it is.

Really can’t wait for the full game now. Really want to keep playing but I’m not sure that’s a good idea. Don’t know whether to pack it in and wait for that or to carry on pottering about and risk the game wearing out its welcome before it’s even properly arrived… It’s a bit of a dilemma, this early access business.

Terror definitely feels more of a thing in this patch. I’ve actually hit condition 2 which never happened to me in the last patch. It’s been great to read some of the stuff that happens as condition rises tho :-)

I’ve found stuff to mine but I’ve only got the canning system installed currently. Waiting for the Moloch before I have both up and running.

Reversing seems much slower now too. No more backing away from sky beasties and shooting them at leisure! That change has helped develop my combat skills tho. Twin Jerusalems and a tiny bit of strafe here and there and heat is manageable … just about. My initial feeling is heat rises slightly too quickly. You should be able to take down 1 enemy without overheating as much in my opinion.

Agree with Plynkes about the play now or wait dilemma! I’ll maybe just check the Reach out then wait. Or maybe the Reach and a bit of Albion, when it comes …

Oh and one more thing… the loot from Marauders seems a little bit tight! I’ve had anywhere from 4-14 sovereigns which seems a wee bit low.
edited by Rakaposhi on 1/31/2018