Lost information from Fate-locked content

If this is bad form I apologise and feel free to delete the thread, or move it to somewhere more suitable.

I’m currently investigating the mysteries of the Foreign Office and I’ve been studiously echoing any lengthy piece of writing into my journal. I don’t want to forget details about this like I’ve done for so many other parts of the game. Maybe stupidly, I’ve been echoing it before I actually read it through so I don’t completely forget to do it at all. Unfortunately, the attempt to record my stroll with the [color=#ffffff]Devout Intriguer in Wilmot’s End, to take my story quality to 5[/color] ended in a frozen website and when I refreshed it I’d been spat back out to Wilmot’s End and the content hadn’t posted to my journal.

If anyone has a copy of the text, or can at least summarise from notes or memory what happened and what was said, I would be incredibly grateful to hear from you. If not, well, I guess the spell of amnesia could add a dose of drama to further proceedings…

[color=#330099]Please send Fletcher a pm rather than posting fate locked content in the thread.[/color]

I also somehow managed to miss out on reading this particular storylet, which is a shame because it doesn’t look like its repeatable.
Is there any way I can get ahold of a copy? Apologies if I’ve overstepped any lines.

I would, over in the CONSULTATION:Journal thread, request the ability to back add any journal entries linked to Fate locked content purchased by you.

But for now, I think you’re supposed to search for Fletcher here on the forums and send a PM.

Fletcher is the one asking, NOT the one able to give the information