Lost at Making Your Name: Dueling the Black Ribbon

So far, I’ve dueled Captain Vendrick to the death, which brought me up to A Fearsome Duelist 3 and Dueling the Black Ribbon 6. However, I was given no further direction after defeating him, and I’ve been unable to find any information on the wiki. How do I advance to A Name Scrawled in Blood 6? Do I need to raise my Fearsome Duelist quality? Do I need to defeat Feducci in a duel? The running battle/duel system has been extremely annoying and frustrating due to some horrible RNG, so I don’t want to waste a whole bunch of time dueling if I don’t have to.

Yes, you need to raise your Fearsome Duellist to 5. Which means killing the Fencing Instructor or Feducci now. You could duel the Beastmaster first to raise it to 4, and in fact I suggest you do so.

– Mal

Thank you. I appreciate the intel. Looks like I would have been better off leaving the good Captain alive for a while.

if nothing else, i’d advise duelling them all anyway, both friendly and to the death. It’s just interesting to see what happens.

That said, it is pretty funny that duels to the death are almost never actually so, for either side

Well, seeing as I’d already worked running battle up to 14 and 1/2 thinking I needed to battle Feducci, I decided to just go ahead and raise it the rest of the way to 15 and go for the 50/50 shot on Feducci himself (and cheat against Chi Lan if Feducci sent me on a long trip to Zee).

Long story short, I won against Feducci and it boosted me all the way from A Fearsome Duelist 3 to A Fearsome Duelist 5 and triggered my advancement in my “Name Scrawled in Blood.”