Lost all my Lacre, and Urchins won't Sell!

I used up all of my Taste of Lacre in the Wicket when I got my second 5-card lodging. I then gathered the requisite items to buy another pail from the urchins. But it turns out that I can only buy from the urchins if I already have ToL! Does anyone know how to remedy this loss?

I’m afraid there’s no way for you to get any further ToL now!

Well… darn. I’ll keep looking for a way.

I don’t suppose you have a Noman? You can regain ToL if you let it die and scoop it into a bucket. Otherwise, you probably have to wait until next year.

As a matter of fact I do! But how do I kill it? Otherwise I wanted to keep it until I built Noman Knows to 15.

You would have to wait until TtH kills it.

You can kill it slightly more quickly by using the “Listen” option every time you draw the Noman card. That will drain between 1 and 10 points of Noman’s Friend every time, and also cost a point of your accumulated Noman Knows; when you get to 0 (from using the card, or Time the Healer as Optimatum says) you’ll have the option to scoop the Noman into a bucket, creating a Pail of Snow. You can then use that pail of snow to regain Taste of Lacre and be able to purchase another pail of snow from the Urchins, etc.

You cannot get a pail of snow if you build Noman Knows up to 15 and turn the Noman into an Elemental Secret – it’s one or the other. But if have the goods to buy more than one pail from the Urchins, you still might be able to get another Noman for that purpose if you can do it fast enough.

I am hoping to be able to get some more Tears of the Bazaar via the Improbable Exchange card. But if not, I might be able to get the bucket from my poor Noman and cultivate it for another year with Tears.

I am pleased to report that it worked. I have killed my Noman (rest in peace snowball) and will hopefully get the Improbable Exchange in time. Or I can use favorable circumstances…