Lost acquaintance

A couple days ago, I finally got my sardonic music hall singer acquaintance from the case of the absconding devil. I’d visited her a couple times since then, I believe I had our relationship up to three, but just now I clicked on the &quotA Visit&quot card and I no longer had her as an acquaintance. Normally, I would not care that much and simply work to get her again, but from what I’ve, I can’t unlock her again until much later in the game. Does anyone know how to help, or at least what happened?

They may have changed the system, but there’s several cards which can give you her acquaintance. Just keep swimming. Still, usually you need to slight her before you lose her acquaintance. Did you take something from her? Do you recall if you used a storylet which used up a substantial amount of your Acquaintance: Sardonic Music Hall Singer quality? If not, you may be well served by sending in a bug report.
edited by friendshipranger on 10/19/2013

I actually got rid of her deliberately. She brings a lot of clutter cards unlike the others.

The only times I’ve interacted with her were the what the thunder said cards and dropping by for a visit.

Apparently you lose a lot of points with her if you borrow a ‘substantial’ amount of Moon-pearls from her. Oh, wait, it’s actually the &quotborrow&quot part that has the apostrophes, so I guess that means that you actually steal the 200 Moon-pearls from her. And thereby lose her as an acquaintance. Not sure if this is what you did, but that’s how it can be done when visiting her in Spite. According to the wikia. I never tried it myself.

[quote=Endy]I actually got rid of her deliberately. She brings a lot of clutter cards unlike the others.[/quote]I find she’s actually quite handy when Counting the Days (although that got nerfed to Hell) and while spending Time in Bed. Her TiB option reduces both Wounds and Nightmares and you end up with a Wines item or two, if I remember correctly. Although I will concede those clutter cards can go die.