Lost access to account

Hi all, I’m not entirely sure where to put this:

I created an account earlier today and apparently put the wrong email in. I started set up on my ipod then moved to my laptop. Couldn’t sign in on the laptop. Thought it might be because I was still logged in on the ipod, so I logged out. Now I’m stuck. I tried several times to have a correction sent but kept getting email not registered. I tired to create a new account using my email and the character name from the other account and it never would go through. Finally I set up a dummy account with my correct email and a new character name and boom, it worked. I use the other character name- writefast- all over the internet and really need to use it here. Help?

Side note:
I tried to use my Twitter to sign into the boards and got a 404.
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I ran into the same problem earlier. Ended up creating something like 3-5 accounts in this fugue of frustrated clicking; “Did I enter my email wrong? Or my password?” etc etc.

I’ve concluded it’s probably just the site spiking with new users, creating technical problems. I figure I’ll try again in a few days.
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Yeah it is probably a technical issue more than anything, a lot of people are running into that.

Ok, if this is a technical issue what is the best way to get around it? Do you think they will get around to fixing my account anytime soon so I can get back to designing or will it be a few days? Is there some way to expedite the process so that my account can get back online and I can get back to designing, and if so what would it be? Are the creators of StoryNexus already aware of this problem, and if not what is the best way to make them aware that I am having a problem?

[color=#009900]lunarrush - mail support@storynexus.com with your details, and we’ll take a look.[/color]

Ok, I’ve sent in the email, thank you for your speedy reply :-).

Great. I’ll send an email out later today. Thanks!

I just realized that offer was directed toward the other user. Is it ok for me to do the same or is my problem somehow different?
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If you’re still having problems, support@storynexus is the email for everyone.