Losing your soul?

What are the advantages of an Austere in the double digits?

What are the advantages of an Austere in the double digits?[/quote]

Bragging rights =)

What are the advantages of an Austere in the double digits?[/quote]
Being above caring about the advantages of an Austere in the double digits.

The Affectionate Devil knew my achilles heel, sigh. :(. I’ll have to buy my soul back if for no other reason than to get more flirt on with my two seducers. It’s not like I lost my virtue, but I bet they won’t come hang out anymore. Sigh. I hope the cats don’t hate me now, I was so close to a new plan. And what will this do for my studying the correspondence? It seems like the stigma and the lost attention of my two devil-flirts are enough to make me wanna buy it back as soon as I come up with some more $. Would have been safer to spend the fate ahead i spose, I just liked the attention. No biggie, I say with a frustrated hot little tear dribbling out.

FYI, if you’re worried about the impact on other stories - it’s minimal if any. You can still study the correspondence, do whatever it is you were doing with cats, etc.

Except flirt with the two devils. They stop paying attention to you once you’re soulless.

And getting it back won’t rekindle the devils’ interest. Who would want a used soul, anyway? It’s going to reek of bottle, at the very least.

This whole intimate of devils thing honestly feels like a beginner’s trap. This bit is fate locked so I’ll try to put it in spoilers, ok?

In the Soul Trade you can sell your soul to the fat devil for a very pretty and valuable diamond if you’re a significant persona and which completely tanks your intimate of devils quality which means that if you get your soul back you can start flirting with them again, BUT if you &quotsell&quot it directly to them you get some pocket change and they never bother with you ever again.

My problem is that a new player, or a player who doesn’t bother with extensive wiki/forum diving aka &quotmeta knowledge&quot has no way of knowing about this &quottrap&quot. (though a more EPA oriented player will think of it as a blessing as it gets rid of &quotworthless&quot cards but this isn’t about them)

Maybe this is intentional as a way of punishing a player, like &quotbeware your actions can have permanent consequences&quot, but the problem with this is that the rest of the game doesn’t really have this feel to it baring a few tiny exceptions.

All in all, I think this is ancient left over content from days of yore and needs a rework.

I don’t understand the issue.

After finishing the Intimate of Devils storyline, you can still retrieve your soul and sell it via Soul Trade. There’s no permanent consequence here. Unless you’re disappointed that you can’t reset Intimate of Devils and start flirting again?

Though I agree that (like most older content) it’s a bit rougher than more recent additions, it’s really not that bad.

Yes, that’s the main issue. You can’t reset it if they ever get your soul and you don’t get anything more out of your intimacy except during the feast event, I think.
I actually don’t mind the older content, but I feel like this needs a more satisfying conclusion. A new opportunity card would be most welcome.
Sorry if I rambled too much and lost my meaning.

I feel like that’s kinda the point, though. It’s the best (and most personal) view you get of the ‘true’ nature of Devils in the game. You got pulled along into visions of romance and intimacy and forbidden pleasures, but in the end they saw you as a means to an end and dumped you once they had what they were after. The Church can rail against them from a moralistic perspective all they want, but as a player you still feel like you can play with fire and not get burned… until you get burned.

And people complain enough about the existing opportunity cards, let’s not add another one after people literally sold their soul to get rid of the others.

I thought it was more like a “will they won’t they” kinda deal.
You can actually hurt and embarrass them pretty badly, not to mention the few rogue devils we meet and hear about that make devils more than just a soul gathering force.
If all of that was just a very elaborate act then it diminishes the story too much imo.

[quote=UgiUgi]My problem is that a new player, or a player who doesn’t bother with extensive wiki/forum diving aka &quotmeta knowledge&quot has no way of knowing about this &quottrap&quot.[/quote]You realize you just described the whole points of this little story and capture it’s purest essence: the devils will trick you if you don’t pay attention! Well, looks like the did it and now you will feel (or not:P) the outcome of your action!

To be honest, it’s the best &quotmeta-story&quot out there! :D

Basically, yes. Of course it’s a trap. They’re devils. The Brass Embassy has one and only one purpose: to acquire souls for Hell. It’s their whole raison. Naturally they want yours.

The fascinating thing about this, to me, is that the warnings are everywhere (how much content in this game involves devils cozening unsuspecting souls, especially early on), and yet the devils still succeed, with some regularity, in trapping the souls of unwary PCs. As a friend of mine said, after he’d been warned of this, &quotI didn’t think they were trying to steal my soul!&quot But yet, what else would they be doing?

I couldn’t agree more. You get all the warning in the world not to sell your soul, even without a wiki. And even their flirting, which so many people love, clearly showcases them as professional seducers. So I doubt the game tricks you; if anything, the fact that you lose little when you actually sell is quite benevolent on FB’s part.
As for the the Soul Trade: I played it, became a shepherd, and not only was i STILL plagued by Devils asking for my soul, I got an extra City Vices card with an offer to sell. I chose to pay a lot of Fate and get rid of the Intimate of Devils card completely, but I cannot get rid of the CV card at all. So the Soul Trade won’t stop them; it actually encourages them.
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The Devil’s wanting your soul then losing interest if you give it makes an uncomfortable metaphor about life.

^ This. This is exactly it. :-)

For me, losing my soul to the Quiet Deviless was one of the best moments in the Fallen London game.
It was the action &quotRisk letting her try to convince you&quot, with the challenge rating of: &quotA matter of luck: How can you fail? (Success chance: 90%)&quot and so, of course, I was like - &quotI’ll be just fine. More loot, and it’s not as though she… wait. What?&quot
Then suddenly, I had my very own Infernal Contract.

At the time, as a player, I was devastated. (&quotHow can you fail?&quot, indeed!)
But as I spent time thinking about it during the aftermath - any game which can make you feel so strongly about the events you’ve played through, now that is something to be cherished. :-)

Yeah, the devils are gone as they got what they wanted from you, after all. Additionally, they won’t be back - which sounds bad at first, but is a good thing in the long-run. :-)

But with regards to studying the Correspondence, you should be just fine. You should be able to get to Scholar Of The Correspondence 10 without too much hassle, and with some effort it’s possible to get higher than that so long as you’ve not been kicked out of University - although I’ve read that you can get back into University later on.
To the best of my knowledge, there are only three actions in the game which benefit from having SotC above 10, so even then it’s not disastrous if (like me) you’ve already been kicked out of University before maxing out SotC.
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Depending upon what you found interesting about those two, may I recommend the ‘Barbed Wit’ and ‘Acclaimed Beauty’, at the Empress’ Court?
If you are sufficiently Hedonistic, and play your cards with both of them just right, there is an option to carefully arrange your passions with the two of them. Without going into any detail, suffice it to say the act puts your Scandal through the roof. :-p
(Suggestion: Avoid spoilers - I think this is best experienced first-hand.)

Not only my soul, but also my mind… After all I’m in London.