Losing Renown?

Any way to do this? I stockpiled Renown: Criminals while raising connections at the Carnival (I mostly wanted Favors), but realized it was terribly out of character.
Actually, now that I think about it, will there be a system to trade Renown for Favors and vice versa?
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Nope. The system is using renown as a long-term/permanent quality, while favors are gained and spent.

Well, that sucks. I hope an exchange system is released though.
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Nah, the game system doesn’t strengthen much with that type of conversion. On the up side, now you’ve got a writing prompt!

Some criminals/pickpockets/blackmail racketeers have some knowledge of your character. What do they know, and why? Does your character know (or even want to know)?

If you need help filling in the details, I’m sure the RP forum could suggest some help in squaring the quandary.
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I would suggest reading through the initial Renown announcement as it relates to in-character reasons for Renown vs Favours.

Having a high Renown doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re well liked or admired by Criminals, it simply means that they know who you are.
Stealing from the Brass Embassy, for example, will lose you Favours, but get you Renown: Hell.
While you can trade in Favours for renown or cash, you can’t trade in Renown because the faction isn’t going to forget about you unless you send them all into the Cave of Nadir or something drastic.

So it doesn’t have to be out of character at all that Criminals know who you are. They could be mad, glad or indifferent. Renown just means that you’ve done enough stuff in and around them that they have heard your name.

I go into the Cave of Nadir myself all the time to get people to forget me. So far I can’t remember a single time this hasn’t worked.

Wait, does that seriously drop connections? XD
Either way, I don’t have the route to the Nadir - I need expedition supplies, an efficient way to get them, and all those eyeless skulls.
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No, I was joking.
But Renown is not the same thing as Connections. Favours are more akin to being connected and in the good graces of Criminals.
Renown is just that they know your name.

Ooooooooooooookay then… :/

There might be a way as soon as we can go Seeking again. There was a part where you could either give up all your shelter or all your friends, though if you’re not already seeking, getting rid of criminal attention at the cost of gaining Mr. Eaten’s might not be the wisest of trades.

I’m not sure whether it was a bug or not, but I accidentally managed it . . .

My character was thrown into jail, and a card popped up regarding the gaoler, I believe (it’s been a while, so I may be slightly off). I made a deal to get out of jail a little sooner, but - for some reason - was labelled a turncoat and lost everything regarding my criminal renown. So far, I have managed to regain all my favours, but I can’t get back any renown at all from anywhere.

It’s why I’m apprehensive about future connection changes, because - if I lose any like that again - I’m wondering if/how I’ll be able to get them back, but for now . . . going to jail and cutting a deal may work, so long as you don’t mind adding to your record to try it.[/quote]

[color=#e53e00] Hello - have you since gained any? It might be that it’s just not displaying (which would be a bug), as your renown is not at zero. Please can you send in a support ticket, so I can have a look at this. support@failbettergames.com [/color]
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