Lore: The Khanate

Good day, loremasters!

I am currently planning to create a mod revolving around the Khanate. I’ve quite extensively zailed the Unterzee, but the lore of the game and of Fallen London is still somewhat… nebulous. If any super veteran of FL could enlighten me with an abstract of what’s going on in the Khanate, this would greatly help me (you wouldn’t want me to make a mod that doesn’t fit perfectly in the game, would you?)

Many thanks in advance, and fair zees to you comrades :)

People from the fourth city (Karakorum), who had a group of people (the Rosers) that made deals with the Fingerkings. Not much is known about what happened during the 4th’s stay in the Neath, only that all/most of the Rosers got crushed by the 5th city (FL) and went into the lacre vats. The Khanate are all the people that left the main city to establish a colony, away from mirrors, sneks and other nice things like that. Some of them still retain the ancient knowledge of the Rosers.

FL: All of the Salon text. (The Rosers are brought up a WHOLE LOT)
Anything you find relating to the Fingerkings.
SS: The Genial Magician
The Khanate (duh)
ST: All of the Silver Tree (you must do it FOR THE LORE)

I would recommend:[li]

Exploring all of the options in the Khanate in Sunless Sea.
Exploring all of the Forgotten Quarter in Fallen London (ESPECIALLY the Fate-Locked options).
Exploring all of the Khanate options in Port Carnelian in Fallen london.
Playing The Tale of the Silver Tree, another game by Failbetter Games.

This encompasses most of the Khanate lore in the Echo Bazaar series. If you desire more information (which you ought to), check out anything on the history and culture of medieval Karkorum to get context and background info.

Both Fate-locked expeditions and the Deep Blue Heaven expedition in Fallen London are about ruins from Karakorum, if you can find the text. As said a lot of other things in the Forgotten Quarter have information in less detail. There’s also some lore found in the Cave of the Nadir.

Though of course the Khanate was founded by those who fled from Karakorum - there may well have been splits between those who fled and those who stayed, so not everything on Fallen Karakorum may be accurate.

More recent Khanate activity is fairly obviously gleamed from Sunless Sea; they’re in a Civil War between Khan’s Shadow and Khan’s Heart, they lack in power compared to London (lorifically the Khanate is a lot smaller than it looks), they’re a xenophobic and militant faction that sees foreigners as scum, they’re contesting for Port Carnelian (even though plenty of Khaganians seem to hang out there just for fun), and they settled Wisdom in the Sea of Lilies. The Khanate is also more technologically advanced than London, they have electricity instead of gas, and y’know, their city is built on artificial islands so some effort must’ve gone into that, too.

Thank you very much, gentlemen/gentlewoman/gentle individuals of mysterious gender. I’ll look into all that, and hopefully complete the mod in a not too distant future :)