Lore Question about London in the sky [Spoilers]


After playing Sunless Sky for some time i have some questions i hope to find answers to. I also played sunless sky and i am a fellow citizen of fallen london. Still… i have sometimes trouble to understand the vast details of this world.

What happened to London?
As far as i understand the Londoners went through the North Gate. A strange piece in Sunless Sky which a couragous captain could venture through with a steamer. her eternal majesty is back in the game…

But what happened then? it seems to be that the gate was closed after some or most? londoners went through and build a new london in the sky or i have misunderstood this… the whole city went into the sky?

Otherwise, what happend with the old london down in the neath? and what happened to the masters of the bazar, this almost allmighty embodyments of power and rules? (just a little less powerfull than my aunt, it seems)

Also i didn’t find any clue what happened to the tomb colonists or the khanate. I wonder why they don’t seem to be in the sky… and if londoners in the sky still have the ability of extreme stamina (and to stay alive…)

when i look into the Great Game i have a hard time to believe that londons enemies are not in heaven as well… but if the great gate is the only entry there… maybe they didn’t make it. But are some Londoners still in the underzea and in the old london there?

I do miss the monster hunters (and their turtle) because the heavens seem to be a good hunting ground for those people.

London and the Khanate cooperated to open the way to the heavens; explore more, and you’ll find the Khan & Co. Naturally, London did not invite anyone else to go with them to the sky, so the Presbyterate, the Chelonate, Visage, Irem, and all the others are still in the Neath, and I suppose nobody’s keeping a watch over the Empire of Hands any more. (This could be bad…)

Old London is no doubt still moldering on the edges of the Unterzee, largely abandoned; the Palace of Westminster (where Parliament meets) was brought into the sky brick by brick, and was probably not alone, but New London seems to have mostly been built of local resources. The Masters, as far as I know, are sitting in their Bazaar-spires scheming to bring down the Sixth City. From their perspective, I suppose it’s not much different than what happened when the Khan abandoned the Fifth City and left it empty for many years before London was bought.

Londoners can (and often do) die quite permanently up here. The influence of [redacted] is confined only to the Neath.

I think that’s as far as I can answer without spoiler tags.

one follow up question: i have some trouble to understand what the heavens is. As far as i know its said that old london was 1 mile below the ground. that doesn’t seem to be very far. Still there where the wrong stars far above the zea (and london) and these stars are very important to the story of the sunless sky. How can one see the stars in heaven which is only reached through a door. In my imagination the door is closed to the roof, so you cannot see what is behind, otherwise one could just fly above the gate…

but then again it sometimes looks like the heavens is just above the zea… in albion i saw some old steamers below my train and other regions that seem very familiar to the underzea. i don’t get how this is possible…

and then there is the correspondence… also seen in heaven… but then i thought the correspondence was some kind of language to make &quotphysics&quot happen. a bit like magic, but with the habit to set hairs in flames (and i thought that that was the masters rule with this power - the kowledge of the correspondence, while i still might misunderstand the whole judgement - concept) and that this correspondence was used to make the iron republic happen… at least their chaotic physics seem to be similar to the effects of the correspondence.

so i considerd this was the way how the trains could fly… something to change the laws of physic…but then… everyone is afraid of the correspondence and doesn’t seem to know it well enough to work with it…

i think there is some connection between masters and judgement and all the masters seem to be a kind of concept… more then a person (concentrated in one particular habit) (i always asked myself if mr.eaten was a master, too) but then why is their power bound to the bazar and the ground or is their influence boundless? (i know that they take promises quite literatuly)

and another thing:
whats with the great game and the cities above? there is no connection to them anymore i think… how coult there…
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edited by Spielesocke on 3/20/2019

The stars are precisely as advertised–those tiny little dots in the night sky that, as it turns out, aren’t super-heated fusion furnaces after all. The heavens, therefore, are more or less what we would call outer space (though, again, this is not the sort of outer space you may have been expecting from the TV nature specials).

As for the Avid Horizon, it exists in two places at once. And yes, there is a sea in the sky. If you talk to the people around there, you can find various explanations kicked about, the commonest of which is that some of the Unterzee leaked through when the door was being opened. I’m not sure I buy that, but I can’t discount it either.

We’re reaching the end here of what can be said without disclosing some of the major secrets of the games. I will say a couple more things, which are common enough knowledge in Sunless Skies but rare and hidden in Fallen London (and therefore I will do it in spoiler tags):

[spoiler]The Correspondence is the language of the Judgments, which is to say the stars. That’s why it burns the way it does. If you go to the Blue Kingdom, you’ll get some first-hand knowledge of the Correspondence and its power. You’ll also find some indirect answers in your exploration to why the Masters know the Correspondence and why it is written on the skin of the Bazaar, but I’m going to make you work for that.

The Great Game you’re familiar with in London is only a shadow of the true Great Game, which is being played out among the Judgments.[/spoiler]

Beyond that, I strongly suggest exploring Eleutheria, which will get you many of the answers you are looking for.
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thanks for your answers. one final follow up: when London is just one mile below the ground, why do the stars seem to be so far away and small above london, while they really are in another place. so… if one would just fly above london he would soon reach the underneath - top (cave-top) (it can’t be far away of new newgate prison…which is already flying i think…)

but the stars would be above avid horizon… in some kind of other… dimension? and do these stars affect the citizens from above (russians… germans… etc) as well? or do they see another outer space?
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London is not precisely a mile beneath the Surface, and the Roof is not full of stars as we perceive them but rather false-stars, which are Moon-Misers, luminescent creatures that live on the Roof. The Avid Horizon is a gateway to the High Wilderness, and those stars are the Judgements, which in the lore of the Sunless universe, are those we can see from the Surface. It has been previously established in &quotThe Empress’ Shadow&quot that Wilhelm II focuses on astronomy and understanding the Judgements rather than on battleships. The stars around the Avid Horizon are from the High Wilderness spilling into the Neath, much like the Quiet Sea is the Neath spilling into the High Wilderness.

As for the Great Game, many of London’s former enemies collaborated to bring about the Exodus, though the true details of this are explored in Your Aunt’s storyline. The Khanate can be found in Eleutheria at Eagle’s Empyrean, where they maintain their technological superiority (electricity!) and xenophobic attitudes. The Revolutionaries can also be found in Eleutheria at Winter’s Reside near Pan. Hell can also be found throughout the High Wilderness - in every region, in fact. Cults of those who were not allowed passage out of the Quiet Sea can be found in the Avid Horizon in Albion. The Great Game among nations can be played in Eleutheria between the Khanate and London, and then between the Heart Catchers, Brazen Brigade, and Revolutionaries.