Looting should be done automatically

Instead of making us press a button to do so. I don’t know if the functionality exists yet because I haven’t been able to get it to work. I fly over the gold star, the message displays saying to press R to Loot, I press R and nothing. I tried remapping the key to Keypad Enter but still nothing, so maybe it doesn’t work, but I’d prefer the setup in S’Seas where you sail/fly over the destroyed ship (or get really close to it) and the story box pops up asking what you want to do. That felt a lot more in line with the way the rest of the game was built anyway.

i see what you mean but does it really matter?
I can’t honestly think of how it would affect gameplay at all, either way. I guess i agree with you to a very tiny degree but this seems so minor as to be utterly irrelevant. i dont see any benefit (or downside) that would come from it

Except for the fact that right now its not working for me, lol. You’re right, its super minor, but still the way I’d prefer it.

[edit] just re-read the known issues page (http://www.failbettergames.com/sunless-skies/known-issues/) and I think the reason looting wasn’t working for me is I encountered the bug where if you open the Esc menu while the Chart is on screen, hotkeys stop working.
edited by vulchor on 8/31/2017

I’ve skimmed right past salvage before I could press R. Having to slow down to pick up salvage increases travel time and supply consumption. It’d also just be a nice quality-of-life change, because is there any conceivable circumstance where you’ll want to not at least take a look at the salvage? Not to mention the fact that it wouldn’t be a huge project - as vulchor mentioned, they already did it in Sunless Sea.

well you might have an idea there anchovies.
Is there any circumstance? Probably not. but…Should there be?

Having some supply cost for feeding your men during the time it takes to search a vessel would be logical
especially if they’re doing stuff that takes a while, like safecracking or waiting for the engine to cool

I can’t loot either. Kind of locks out a bunch of content which is sad. But it’s the first day of early access there are bound to be bugs

Looting isn’t working for me either, thats probably just a bug we can expect to be fixed, having it be automatic would be nice though, especially with the new faster speed I keep flying right over it!

For those having trouble looting, read my edited post above, that is a known bug. If you’re having that issue and you didn’t accidentally hit “esc” sometime that you were trying to close the map ,then please report it as a bug by following the normal process. Thanks!

[color=#6666ff]Hey folks,[/color]
[color=#6666ff]Lovely feedback on the loot. Thank you.[/color]
[color=#6666ff]The looting issue should be fixed in the patch that went out yesterday. However do let us know if you have any other looting issues at skies@failbettergames.com.[/color]